Chapter: 1654

"No, it's fine if you can't say sorry, Ou Qi, you must be punished according to the rules, otherwise we won't spare you." Someone laughed and booed, and brought the wine glass to Ou Qi's face.

Drinking is the rule. Ou Qi raised his eyebrows and looked at the others, "How do you drink?"

With so many people, if each of them was fined with a drink, he couldn't bear it.

"Three glasses of beer, no less."

Ou Qi nodded, this is considered to be taking care of him. He was not pretentious, he directly picked up the glass, poured three glasses of beer, and glanced at the people around him, "Look carefully, I'm starting to drink."

It's normal for young people to get together, laugh and make noise, and these people all know that Ou Qi can drink a lot, and a few glasses of beer are nothing.

He picked up a glass of beer and drank it down in one gulp, and the people around him applauded.

When his hand was on the second cup, a slender white hand held his hand, "Brother Ou Qi, you can't drink so much, I'll help you."

Ou Qi raised his eyebrows, when he just entered the door, he didn't look carefully, and didn't know that Luo Yanran was there.

In the past few years, Luo Yanran has been abroad, and she did not attend every gathering.

Who is so busy today and called her here?

"Oh, Yanran, do you feel sorry for Ou Shao? Then we also feel sorry for him, and we will help him drink too." A woman joked with a smile, her tone full of teasing.

Ou Qi is handsome and comes from an outstanding family background, so he is naturally the prince charming in the eyes of women, even in the eyes of the daughters of aristocratic families, Ou Qi is also a rare husband candidate.

I don't know how many people have fallen in love with Ou Qi, but the Ou family's family background is not affordable by ordinary people, so the women dare not show their intentions.

What's more, there are many women around Ou Qi these years, but he has not seen him pay special attention to anyone, and he dare not let women act rashly.

Luo Yanran took the initiative to block the wine for Ou Qi, obviously showing her love, and of course the rich daughters would make trouble.

Ou Qi smiled slightly, took Luo Yanran's hand away calmly, and said with a smile: "This little wine is nothing, I can do it myself, I don't need help from others."

As he spoke, he quickly drank the wine glass in his hand, and in the next second, he drank another glass of wine.

After three glasses of wine, Ou Qi's face remained unchanged, and he said with a smile: "Okay, the wine penalty is over."

The children of the aristocratic family came together and unconsciously talked about what happened recently. And the one that caused the most sensation was undoubtedly the year-end wedding of An Tingting and Li Zhengyuan.

Ou Qi listened without changing his expression, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Luo Yanran looked at him secretly, how could Ou Qi fall in love with a woman like An Keke, and An Keke's older sister married Li Zhengyuan for money, so An Keke would not be much better.

"By the way, Li Zhengyuan's two arms and one leg are broken. I don't know who did it?" someone said suddenly.

Everyone knew about Li Zhengyuan's injury, but no one knew who did it.

"Who knows who Li Zhengyuan has offended, he is so lustful, it's normal for him to provoke someone he can't afford." Someone said casually.

Luo Yanran kept staring at Ou Qi, she clearly noticed that when Li Zhengyuan was mentioned about the injury, there was a gleam in Ou Qi's eyes.

Her heart was startled suddenly, and a guess emerged in her mind: Could it be that Li Zhengyuan's matter has something to do with Ou Qi? Impossible, Ou Qi is not that kind of domineering person, how could he hurt Li Zhengyuan so badly?

When young people get together, they drink naturally without restraint. Even Ou Qi, who has always had good self-control, couldn't help but drink a few more glasses.

"Okay, you go ahead, I'll go out first." He said to the people around him, and walked out of the box with a slightly shaky figure.

Naturally, Luo Yanran would not let this opportunity go, she raised her foot and chased after her, walked out of the box and supported Ou Qi's arm, "Brother Ou Qi, I will support you, be careful not to fall."