Chapter: 1655

Her voice was soft and charming, and her body was tightly attached to Ou Qi's body, making her more charming.

No one noticed that Lin Yunyun was standing there at the corner, taking a panoramic view of this scene.

Just after the start of school, the students made an appointment to have a party and drink together. They originally planned to call it Encore, but Lin Yunyun helped Encore stop it.

An Keke and Ou Qi are busy making people, how can she let others disturb her.

However, Lin Yunyun did not expect that he would meet Ou Qi here with a woman dressed in enchanting clothes.

She was so angry that she raised her foot and was about to rush up.

Just after taking a step, she stopped her footsteps, what capacity did she use to rush up to catch the rape? Encore's best friend? This identity is somewhat untenable.

She picked up her mobile phone and called Ankeke, and only said one sentence, "Night Night Bar, catch the rape."

She hid around the corner until she watched Ou Qi and the woman return to the box.

After receiving a call from Lin Yunyun, Enkeke was playing games in the villa. Lin Yunyun called, and said without thinking: night bar, catch rape.

She didn't react for a while, and suddenly remembered that Ou Qi went out to have a friend's party tonight, saying that he was going to drink, could it be that Ou Qi was fooling around with other women.

The little girl immediately became angry, and the consequences were serious. He rushed out the door, took a taxi, and went straight to the night bar.

"Ke Ke, you're finally here." Lin Yunyun was holding on to his cell phone and waiting for Encore, when he received a call from Encore, he went downstairs to greet her.

"What's going on with Yunyun?" An Keke said angrily, walking towards the bar. It's about her husband and cannot be ignored.

Lin Yunyun snorted, just now I saw Ou Qi with a woman, they hug each other...

Seeing Luo Yanran holding Ou Qi's arm, she subconsciously felt that the two were hugging, and directly ignored Ou Qi's avoidance and struggle.

An Keke clenched her small hands into fists and walked towards the bar.

Just when he walked in, he happened to see Ou Qi staggering towards him. Beside Ou Qi, Luo Yanran was holding his arm with a smug smile on his face.

Although Ou Qi was drunk, he was still struggling violently, trying to push Luo Yanran away from him.

Luo Yanran's face was full of concern, "Brother Ou Qi, you drank so much, how can I not help you? What if you fall and hurt yourself?"

"Stay away from the master, men and women... can't kiss each other." Ou Qi said vaguely, "Let my wife see that we can't finish with you."

wife? Luo Yanran's face immediately changed. The relationship between Ou Qi and An Keke is already so close, are they already called wife and husband?

No, tonight I must find a way to spend a good night with Ou Qi, and strive to establish a relationship earlier.

An Keke sorted out her emotions, and greeted him with a charming smile, "Luo Yanran, thank you for taking care of Ou Qi, let him be handed over to me."

She didn't rush forward like a shrew, but behaved gracefully.

"Why? Brother Ou Qi doesn't want to go with you." Luo Yanran tightly held Ou Qi's arm as if she was protecting her baby, and stared at En Keke coldly.

An Keke smiled, didn't say much, and stretched out his hand to Ou Qi.

The children of the aristocratic family who followed behind watched this scene, each of them became curious, who is this woman who suddenly appeared? Is Ou Qi's girlfriend?

"Wife." Ou Qi was very surprised when he saw An Keke appearing suddenly, but he still broke free from Luo Yanran's grasp, walked over and hugged An Keke, and looked down at her, "Why are you here?"

"I know you've drunk too much, so I'll take you home." An Keke said with a sweet smile, but her little hand had already twisted Ou Qi's arm.