Chapter: 1662

Mother Ou immediately understood what was going on. It turned out that An Keke and Ou Qi didn't know that she was pregnant, and they had been pretending to be pregnant in front of her all the time in order to deceive her.

"You two are so brave, how dare you lie to us?" Ou's mother squeezed out her teeth, she never thought that Enkeke and Ou Qi would even dare to lie to her about such a thing.

Ou Qi shrugged and pointed to Ankeke's belly, "She is pregnant and has two children in her belly, so it doesn't count as us cheating you."

"Doctor, how old is the baby?" Ou Guangsheng was still awake, but there was a joyful smile on his face.

Holding grandchildren has been his dream for many years, and now it is about to come true, and he can hold two grandchildren at a time, how can he not make him happy?

Ou Qi personally sent Enkeke to the ward, and then told her what Ou Guangsheng said outside the emergency room.

She secretly looked at Ou Guangsheng, her eyes were red, and she asked cautiously, "Uncle, does what you just said count?"

"Still called Uncle?" Ou Guangsheng's expression darkened on purpose, but there was a deep smile in his eyes, "You and Ou Qi have already obtained a marriage certificate, and we still have our Ou family's grandson in your stomach, is it really appropriate for you to call me Uncle?"

"Uh..." An Keke blinked her eyes, moved her lips, but still didn't dare to cry out.

The man opposite was the richest man in the city, Ou Guangsheng who was aloof, which made her feel the invisible pressure.

Ou Qi shook her little hand, "Ke Ke, if you don't even want to call your father, it will be really difficult to get your father to agree to us being together. If he continues to force us to divorce..."

"Father..." The words blurted out, and the voice was particularly loud because of the anxiety.

As soon as the words came out, An Keke's face immediately turned red.

"Hey." Ou Guangsheng responded, and finally a smile appeared on his face, "From now on, you don't have to go to school, and you can raise your baby at home with peace of mind. I will let someone prepare for your wedding."

"No, I'm going to school." An Keke retorted, she had been studying for so many years, and she was about to graduate from college, how could she neglect her studies at this time?

If she hadn't been married to Ou Qi and had a child in her belly, she would still plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Mother Ou had long been worried that An Keke would hurt her grandson when she went back to school. Now that she knew that An Keke had two children in her belly, she became more and more nervous.

As soon as she heard that An Keke still wanted to go to school, she immediately became anxious. She said loudly: "You are not allowed to go to school. This matter is up to your father. Your father is the head of the family, and everyone in the family must obey him."

She has already included Encore in the ranks of the Ou family.

Ou Guangsheng has already recognized An Keke as his daughter-in-law, if she continues to insist on refusing to admit it, she will only be a villain in vain.

"Auntie, I..." An Keke called subconsciously.

Mama Ou frowned, and cast a sidelong glance at An Keke. Did An Keke deny her mother-in-law?

"Call me mom..." Ou Qi touched Enkeke's soft long hair and reminded.

Mama Ou nodded approvingly, Enkeke opened her mouth and called out, as if encouraged, "Mom."

A month later, Ankeke and Ou Qi's wedding was held on the Aegean Sea in Greece. The two had reduced the scale of the wedding as much as possible, and the number of people who attended the wedding had reached thousands.

As the bride's good sister, Lin Yunyun naturally attended as a bridesmaid.

In the lounge, An Keke, who was wearing a white wedding dress, was sitting on the sofa, and Lin Yunyun was sitting beside her absent-mindedly.

"Yunyun, what's on your mind?" An Keke asked knowingly, since seeing Ou Guangan today, Lin Yunyun has been in a daze.

Hearing An Keke's voice, Lin Yunyun came back to his senses and said, "I saw Ou Guang'an on the island just now. He came to your wedding alone. On such an important day, why didn't her girlfriend show up together?"

"Didn't you give up on little uncle and have no thoughts about him? Why are you still paying attention to him?" An Keke smiled narrowly, tilting his head and looking at Lin Yunyun.