Chapter: 1663

Lin Yunyun blushed, lowered her head, and explained a sentence without silver.

"I just happened to see him, and I didn't pay attention to him."

Thousands of people came to this island just to attend their wedding, Lin Yunyun didn't notice other people, but Ou Qi?

"Little uncle and Du Manqing have already broken up." An Keke didn't want to tease Lin Yunyun any more, and gently held her hand, "When my little uncle went to take wedding photos with Du Manqing, he realized that he loved another woman in his heart, so he decisively broke up with Du Manqing."

"Ah? Then who is the woman he likes?" Lin Yunyun was extremely nervous, but still pretended to be calm and asked.

Before An Keke could answer, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and Ou Qi, who was wearing a white suit, walked in step by step surrounded by a crowd.

Ou Qi, like a prince charming, stood in front of Enkeke, stared at her deeply with lowered eyes, and gently hugged her in his arms, "Honey, our wedding is about to start, are you ready?"

"En..." An Keke nodded, with an incomparably sweet smile on his face, and gently snuggled into Ou Qi's arms.

Lin Yunyun raised her head, and easily saw Ou Guangan who was behind Ou Qi, her eyes met, and she saw a strange emotion in Ou Guangan's eyes...

After taking the oath in front of the priest, Enkeke and Ou Qi's wedding was officially completed, and the wedding of the two was blessed by everyone.

However, Ou Qi still felt a little regretful in his heart. When he returned to the hotel, seeing the sullen Enkeke, Ou Qi handed her a mobile phone.

An Keke looked at the phone suspiciously, a video had already been opened on the screen of the phone.

In the video, An Qingshan was wearing a well-tailored black suit, and he was full of energy: "Ke Ke, today is your wedding day, I know I am not qualified to attend your wedding, but I still want to bless you..."

Followed by An Zhifeng's blessing, and then Huang Yingqiu's blessing.

Until the end, seeing An Tingting appear on the screen, Enkeke was shocked to the extreme.

"Ke Ke, I have been bullying you and framed you all this time. I know I did something wrong. I'm sorry. Now that I think about it, I did so many bastard things. When I think about it, I can't forgive myself."

"Sister, today is your wedding day, I wish you happiness..."

younger sister? This was the first time An Tingting called her sister seriously.

An Keke looked at the finished video, and looked at Ou Qi with tears on his face, "Honey, what's going on?"

Ou Qi knew that in An Keke's heart, not having any relatives to attend her wedding would definitely be an indelible regret in An Keke's heart.

Therefore, he begged Ou Guangsheng to come forward and rescue An Tingting from Li Zhengyuan's grasp.

After being tortured for so long, An Tingting's will collapsed, and she had already made up her mind to die.

When she was about to commit suicide, Ou Guangsheng's people rescued her, as if giving her a new life.

When she learned that it was Ou Qi's intention to save her, An Tingting regretted it, so she took the initiative to ask her family to record this video for Enkeke.

"Where are they?" An Keke held the phone tightly, got off the bed, stood in front of Ou Qi, and asked with tears streaming down his face.

"If I knew you would cry for them, I shouldn't have let them go, let alone promised them to show you this video." Ou Qi said through gritted teeth.

Today is a day of great joy for him and An Keke, but An Keke is crying bitterly, how can this make him not depressed?

An Keke shook his head carelessly, "No, I just want to..."

"Today is our big wedding day, you must not think of other people in your heart, you can only think of me..."

Ou Qi slowly leaned forward, gently kissed An Keke's lips, and blocked her next words.

Six months later, An Keke gave birth to a pair of twins.

In the extremely luxurious ward, Encore lay on a large double bed. This ward is completely decorated according to the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, and it is a ward specially decorated by Mrs. Ou's special fan for Encoco to give birth.

At this time, it was already late at night, and Enkeke was lying in the middle of the big bed, with a small crib placed on both sides, and the two pink babies were dreaming soundly.

An Keke pouted, obviously a little disappointed.

"My wife, what's the matter with you? There's nothing you're not satisfied with. Just open your mouth, and our mother will definitely satisfy your request." Ou Qi said without raising his head while looking at the baby in front of him.

Ou's mother loves Ankeke to the extreme, and has always been responsive to Enkeke's requests.

"It's all your fault. You keep talking about holding grandchildren and holding sons. In the end, I really gave birth to two sons. I always wanted a daughter." En Keke was extremely wronged. After giving birth to two, she didn't have a daughter. How could she not make her sad?

Ou Qi smiled, "It's no big deal. After you recover, we will continue to work hard and we will definitely be able to give birth to a daughter."

"Ah? Still want to have children?" Enke can be as Ou Qi once said that he would have at least three sons, he just said it casually, now it seems that he is serious.

I only heard Ou Qi say: "Parents have already said, let you give birth to whatever you want, it's best to give birth to a football team..."

football team? Eleven? An Keke wailed, "I don't want it, I'm going to school..."