Chapter: 1661

Ou Qi was obviously stunned, and raised his head to look at Ou Guangsheng. Ou Guangsheng actually promised him to hold a wedding with An Keke, how is this possible?

Ou's mother was also full of disbelief, "Guangsheng, why are you crazy, you agree with Ou Qi to be with this woman?"

The family status of the Ou family has been seen for generations, and the daughter-in-law of each generation of Ou's patriarch's house is a wealthy daughter, which ensures the prosperity of the Ou family for generations.

"What do you think we have been working hard to develop the family business for?" Ou Guangsheng stared at Ou's mother and said word by word.

Mother Ou didn't think too much, and replied directly: "Of course it is to let our offspring live a happy life, let them live happily and happily."

"Happy and happy?" Ou Guangsheng nodded approvingly, "Then what do you think is happiness? What is happiness?"

Mama Ou froze in place, unable to speak a word.

The firmness in Ou Guangsheng's eyes became deeper and deeper, as if after careful consideration, he said resolutely: "After An Keke gave birth to the Ou family's child, drive her away, and the child is destined to live with a stepmother. Will he live happily?"

"Ou Qi is forced to leave his beloved woman, will he feel happy?" Ou Guangsheng sighed deeply, "If the Ou family has such a big family business, if they can't let their son choose the woman he loves to spend his life as he likes, then we don't want to be the richest family."

Ou Guangsheng turned his head and looked at Ou Qi solemnly, "You pray that the child in Enkeke's womb is safe and sound. As long as there is no accident to the child, I agree to your marriage."

As long as the child has no accidents?

Ankeke didn't have a child in her stomach, is this the biggest accident? Ou Qi closed his eyes helplessly, and still didn't say a word, he just hoped that Enkeke would be fine.

Finally, half an hour later, the door of the ward was pushed open and the doctor came out.

"Doctor, how is the situation, is Enkeke okay?" Ou Qi stepped forward, blocked the doctor's way, and asked anxiously.

Of course the doctor knew Ou Qi's family, so he didn't dare to be negligent, "Ou Shao, the patient's condition has stabilized, but I still want to remind you that she should not get too excited when she is pregnant with twins, otherwise accidents will easily happen, you as family members..."

Ou Qi was stunned, and looked at the emergency room in disbelief. Are there any other patients in the ward? Did the doctor make a mistake, what twins?

"What did you say, there are twins in Enkeke's belly?" Mama Ou was overjoyed, stepped forward, and asked in confusion, "Why didn't they find out a few days ago?"

A few days ago, Ou Qi asked Qi Yulong to do a fake inspection on Enkeke, and he never checked it at all.

"You mean..." Ou Qi heard his voice suddenly raised, this was the first time he lost his composure in front of other people.

The nurse pushed An Keke out of the emergency room, and An Keke who was lying on the bed saw the expression on Ou Qi's face, thinking that her fake pregnancy had been exposed.

Eye circles turned red, and the little woman wept, "Ou Qi, I told you that I would not let you lie. Now that the matter has been exposed, what should we do?"

Lying, things exposed? What does it mean?

Mama Ou and Ou Guangsheng stood there in bewilderment, seeing surprise in each other's eyes.

Ou Qi came over, put his big hand on her tender face, and wiped away the tears on her face, "Don't cry, the doctor said you can't be emotional, otherwise it will be bad for the baby in your belly..."

"Child? I'm obviously a fake pregnancy. Where did the baby come from? At this time, you still have to pretend? Is it useful?" An Keke cried, struggled to sit up, and hugged Ou Qi's body tightly, "Honey, I don't want to leave you, I don't want to divorce you."

"Fake pregnancy?" Mama Ou exclaimed.

The doctor was also stunned. He took a step forward and pressed Encore's pulse again. After a while, he said, "Are you doubting my professionalism? Various tests have proved that you have two children in your belly. How dare you talk about a fake pregnancy?"

"Uh, children? Two?" An Keke glanced at her stomach suspiciously. There are two children in her stomach? How can this be?

She raised her head, twitched lightly, and asked in a hoarse voice: "Ou Qi, did you bribe this doctor?"

Buy the doctor? Fake pregnancy?