Chapter 3272
Before there was no pop-up, it seemed that there was no such place at all, and there was not the slightest gap or trace.

Fang Hui's palm stretched into the grid and groped.

Finally took out a kraft paper bag with a line of small characters on it.

"Da Qu Lian Province Shipping Channels."

Below this line of small characters, there are two large red characters.

"Top Secret!"

A look of hesitation flashed in Fang Hui's eyes.

Finally, I thought of Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting outside.

Neither of them looked like bad people, and they were polite.

There is also an investment in Xia Mo Morning Tea, and it can be regarded as an ally.

It should not be a big problem to show the two of them this map of shipping channels in Daqu Lian Province.

But what Fang Hui didn't know was that there were only three people in the room besides her.

But these three people have hatred for Lin Mo or their family.

Fang Hui came to the living room with the kraft paper bag in her hand.

Put the kraft paper bag in your hand on the table.

There was already uncontrollable greed in Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting's eyes.

Just when the two wanted to take a kraft paper bag.

Fang Hui's palm suddenly pressed on the bag.

She looked at the two of them and said in a low voice.

"Lei Shao, Xiao Ming, you are all important partners or characters of Xia Mo Morning Tea."

"That's why I took this file out for you to watch, but I hope you can keep it 100% confidential."

"Even Xu Jiangong can't reveal half a word, and I won't say more."

Her words made Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting look at each other.

Isn't this giving pillows when you are drowsy?

Although they wanted to engage in Lin Mo, they were only in the dark.

If it was on the bright side, the two would not dare to do anything at all.

What is Lin Mo's status now?

The president of Wumeng and the two provinces, the head of the Zhenyue envoy, and the Huaxia doctor.

Just these two people with clear identities and the family behind them did not dare to do anything at all.

Otherwise, the Xu family and the Lei family will be the next to be beaten up like the Xie family.

The two nodded in unison, and even swore a poisonous oath.

"Mr. Fang\/Auntie, don't worry, if the two of us leak something today."

"The sky strikes five thunders, and both men and gods will kill them!"

The poisonous oath of the two made Fang Hui's face show a smile, and then she handed the file in her hand to the two.

After the two opened the file, what they saw was...

The sea area map of the Vientiane Kingdom and the United Province of Daqu!

Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting looked at each other with horror in their eyes.

Lin Mo's transportation channel is not within the Daqu United Province at all.

Not even in the territory of China!

Xu Ming, Lei Shaoting, and even everyone were very strange about the supply source of summer morning tea in Daqulian Province.

But he just thought that Lin Mo used his position and prestige to find a special channel for Wumeng to apply.

But looking at it now, even Fang Hui has not explained it.

The two had already guessed it.

Everyone's thinking is wrong.

The supply sources and transportation channels of Lin Mo are not located in Huaxia and Daqulian provinces at all.

He directly took a different approach.

Transported from the seas of the Vientiane Kingdom...

This is also the reason why the two were horrified.

If it were another person, it would be impossible to do this.

Just because the waters behind the Vientiane Kingdom are prohibited from entering and approaching by all ships.

All approaching ships will be destroyed by direct fire if they do not listen to the advice.

But when the two thought about it, they did reflect it.

Lin Mo's identity in Vientiane Kingdom is also very extraordinary.

After Kadri became the chief minister of the kingdom after the king.

And the Vientiane Kingdom Jia Delie disappeared, and the princess had no intention of political affairs.

Now the entire Vientiane country is under the responsibility of the great master of Nanyue Province.

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