Chapter 3273
**It can be said that he is wearing a pair of pants with Lin Mo.

The current Vientiane Kingdom is even under Lin Mo's control.

Not to mention just transporting some medicinal materials and other materials.

Even if it is transporting arms, it is estimated that no one dares to say anything.

Fang Hui's fingers were placed on the top of this sea map.

The starting point of her finger is... the capital of the Vientiane Kingdom!

Behind the Vientiane King City is the sea.

Where is the transportation team of Xia Mo Morning Tea set sail from?

"Our transport team will set sail from the sea behind the King of Vientiane, and the situation will take half a day on the way."

Fang Hui put her finger on the blueprint of the sea area and kept sliding forward.

"Then it will enter the Bali Sea at the back of the mountain in Basha. At that time, the sacred mountain of Sabah will also send an escort team composed of disciples to escort it."

With the constant sliding of Fang Hui's fingers.

Xu Ming's eyes gradually became serious.

Sabah Sacred Mountain is one of the four sacred mountains in the world.

For Lin Mo's sake, he would actually send the disciples of Shenshan to escort those medicinal materials.

These things made Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting's inner jealousy grow.

Why are these all from Lin Mo!

He Lin Mo was just a waste at the beginning, how could he have all this.

With Fang Hui's finger reaching the Daqu United Province, this channel is considered to be over.

But after watching it, the two of them were shocked.

No matter what the above conditions are.

Neither the Lei family nor the Xu family could do it.

Even the two together can't do what Lin Mo can do.

Become the minister of the pillar country of the Vientiane Kingdom, and the favor of the sacred mountain of Sabah.

These are not easily obtained by mortals like them.

Fang Hui folded the sea map spread out on the table again and put it into the kraft paper bag.

"How about it, is it satisfying your curiosity now?"

Fang Hui looked at the two with a smile on her face.

Xu Ming and Lei Shaoting nodded.

If there is no Fang Hui's guidance, it is estimated that two people.

No, it is the family of all China's guessed shipping channels.

It was absolutely impossible to guess that Lin Mo was actually transported from the sea area of ​​Vientiane Kingdom.

Ziobiro's eyes on the second floor also lit up.

Although Fang Hui was on the first floor, the transportation channels and routes were mentioned for the two of them.

But Ziobiro was born to see far.

So naturally I can clearly see the direction of Fang Hui's finger,

"It's actually passing through the sea, if it's not an enemy."

"Lin Mo, you have a chance to let me look at you highly, you have such a stupid mother-in-law."

Ziobiro looked at Fang Hui with endless contempt in his eyes, and muttered to himself.


The suburb of Hai Phong city.

In Lin Mo's hand, he held his cell phone that had already been turned off.

I never thought that it would fall into He Er's car before.

If He Er hadn't brought back the phone, Lin Mo would have bought it himself.

After charging the phone, I saw more than a dozen missed calls from Fang Hui on the phone.

Lin Mo frowned slightly.

After thinking for a while, Lin Mo didn't call back in the end.

Fang Hui's phone call was probably due to some trivial matters.

She wanted to use her power to help her arrest all the people who offended her.

Lin Mo felt a headache for Fang Hui.

After all, she is also the mother of his wife Xu **.

I couldn't keep ignoring her, but in desperation, it was basically an interview every time.

If it's important, he should go to Mr. Wang.

What Lin Mo didn't see was under Fang Hui's dozen or so missed calls.

There was also a missed call from Mr. Wang, who was pressed down by the dozen or so missed calls.

"Let's go."

Lin Mo said to the prince who was the driver.

"Okay, boss, you can sit down!"

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