Chapter 3274
"Auntie, there is actually something that worries my grandpa very much. I want to ask you for help."

Xu Ming in the villa looked at Fang Hui with a look of embarrassment.

Fang Hui's face froze, and her heart was already a little dissatisfied.

I even showed you the transportation channels for Xia Mo morning tea.

Why are there so many demands.

Seeing that Fang Hui's face was a little stiff, Xu Ming said quickly.

"Don't worry, Auntie, it's a very small matter."

"It only takes the effort of your words."

After hearing Xu Ming's words, the stiffness on Fang Hui's face gradually dissipated.

"Xiao Ming, we are all a family. If you have anything, just say it."

A smile also appeared on Xu Ming's face, and he walked behind Fang Hui and gently squeezed her shoulders.

"Auntie, the thing is like this, my grandfather had an illegitimate child when he was young."

"But for some reason, he was not brought back to the Xu family to support him, and later he was exiled abroad."

With a sad look on Xu Ming's face, he said in a deep voice.

"My grandfather's illegitimate child had a very bad life abroad, and later died of illness when he was in his thirties."

"Our family originally thought that we had cut off contact with there, and even this message has become an obsession in my grandpa's heart."

"As soon as he's out of business, he's constantly berating himself in his heart."

"Even as my grandson... my heart is not feeling well."

Xu Ming's voice even faintly choked.

Fang Hui gently patted the back of his hand and comforted softly.

"Xiao Ming, it's okay, your grandfather's child probably knows that your grandfather is talking about him like that."

"It is estimated that there will be no complaints in my heart."

Xu Ming seemed to be reluctantly suppressing his emotions before speaking after a long time.

"These are actually fine, but just a few days ago, a message came from Vientiane Kingdom."

"Although my uncle died of illness, he left behind a child."

Xu Ming's tone was hesitant.

"It's just that the guy I've never met... my brother is in a very bad situation right now."

"It is said that he was imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison and was subjected to various whippings by the jailers every day."

"That's why my grandfather thought..."

An embarrassed expression appeared on Xu Ming's face.

"Brother Lin Mo is the chief minister of the Kingdom of Vientiane, and he can share half of his existence with the king."

"Even if you are Brother Lin Mo's mother-in-law, that's still a mother."

"So I want you to talk to the people of Vientiane Kingdom and see if you can release my brother."

Xu Ming's words made Fang Hui look embarrassed.

He immediately lost a look at Lei Shaoting who was sitting across from him.

When Lei Shaoting saw Xu Ming's lost eyes, he immediately understood.

He looked at Fang Hui and said.

"Mr. Fang, is this a trivial matter for you?"

"I remember that the entire Vientiane Kingdom is now covered by Big Brother Lin Mo."

"You are his mother, what you say is equal to what Minister Zhu Guo said, who would dare not listen?"

"But I don't know people from the Vientiane Kingdom at all."

Fang Hui said to the two of them helplessly.

It's not that she didn't want to save the brother Xu Ming, who was locked in the sky prison, who was not yet masked.

But Lin Mo is the minister of the Pillar State of the Vientiane Kingdom, and she is at most a relative of Lin Mo.

How could it be possible to get to know those arrogant ministers who are usually very proud.

Xu Ming was behind Fang Hui, so Fang Hui couldn't see his expression.

Otherwise, you will find that Xu Ming has such an expression at the moment.

"Auntie, it's okay, we'll find someone."

"Just you help me record a video to rescue my brother."

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