Chapter 3275
Wen Qiang's soft words instantly stopped the chewing sound in the opposite cell.

After a while of silence, an unnatural hoarse voice sounded.

"No, thank you Wenqiang for your kindness, the poor monk has no..."

"Boy, do you have a solution?"

The calm voice disappeared immediately.

In the dim cell, a dark red eye appeared.

This is the first time Wen Qiang has seen other emotional changes in those red pupils.

"You and I will only hurt people when you go out. It's good to recite sutras and chanting Buddhas here every day."

"Fart, why should we stay in this place where birds don't shit for the sake of those foolish people outside!"

This voice was much more unwilling and angry than the calm voice just now.

"Amitabha, the Buddha would not want us to go out."

It was clearly the same voice, but it seemed like two people spoke.

"The goddamn Buddha also said that if you don't trouble yourself, no one else can trouble you."

"You can not let go because of your heart!"

The calm voice was silent for a long time before it sounded slowly.

"It's all because of my mistakes and carelessness, if it wasn't for me."

"Everything is not going to happen."

Not long after the calm voice passed, the violent voice appeared again.

But this time, there was a deep smile in his voice.

"Hohohoho, Hanzo, you are amazing, you are lofty."

"Do you feel that you can live up to your conscience by locking yourself here?"

"I was born by you, you have thought about my appearance, have you ever thought about my thoughts!"

The calm voice was silent for a while, and when it sounded again, the tone was full of apology.

"Sorry Hanzo for making you suffer here with me, but while I'm here."

"I can give you all the control of my body, as long as I don't go out."

The calm Hanzo's voice made the tyrannical Hanzo even more angry and violent.

"Control of the body, what else can you tell me to do in a place like this other than sleep!"

"Is there any difference between whether I want to control this body or not?"

Without waiting for the calm Hanzo to continue speaking, the tyrannical Hanzo continued to roar.

"Yes, I killed hundreds of people, but that was all they provoked me."

"Are you doing this here? It's not a big deal until I give them how much money!"

"Burn more paper money, Hanzo, you are still obsessed!"

"The Buddha said that all living beings are equal, and if you commit crimes in vain, you should fall into the Asura Hell and suffer!"

"Now you and I are still here without pupils every day. It is already the grace of the Buddha."

The quarrel kept ringing, and then there was silence.

It's just that the red eyes seem so penetrating.

Wen Qiang sat quietly in the cell, eating wild vegetables and noodles from the lunch box.

The biggest reason he came in this time was for the people in the opposite cell.

The first master of the Vientiane Kingdom.


Hanzo was originally an ascetic, with a great talent for martial arts, and he broke through the realm of a master in just a few decades.

Just when Jiayuan I was about to confer Hanzo as the master of the country of Vientiane.

Accident happened.

As the master, Hanzo suddenly lost control and murdered frantically.

Although it was only a short three minutes out of control.

But it also killed hundreds of civilians.

After that, Hanzo mysteriously disappeared for three days, but he reappeared at the gate of the death row in Vientiane Kingdom.

He stood quietly at the door of the death row, his hands folded, and he said nothing.

Just let the soldiers swarm up and tie themselves up.

A large iron chain half a meter wide was locked on Hanzo's limbs.

The daily sloppy food was only enough for him to barely survive.

There was no way to break free of those chains.

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