Chapter 3276
And according to the reason why Hanzo got out of control.

At that time in Vientiane, there were many people with different opinions.

Some people say that Hanzo practiced martial arts to make himself crazy, so he committed murder.

Later, he turned himself in at the gate of the death row, because Hanzo knew his way back and suppressed his inner demons.

Some people also say that Hanzo was manipulated by someone to do that kind of thing.

Some even investigated Hanzo's life experience, saying that his life experience was tragic.

When he was very young, his father was killed by a group of thieves who broke into his home.

And some beautiful mothers were repeatedly humiliated by the thief, and finally killed.

The last Hanzo was used as a slave by those thieves since he was a child.

He even made Hanzo drink their urine to make himself happy.

Hanzo has lived in such an environment since he was a child, humble and careful.

There were scars all over his body from being beaten up by those people.

When the soldiers of the Vientiane Kingdom finally arrested the thieves, they saw Hanzo who was covered in scars.

There are scars left by fire, sharp objects, and cigarette butts.

At that time, even the soldiers of the Vientiane Kingdom were shocked and could not bear to look directly at them.

Later, Hanzo was sent to a well-known family.

That family often set up a stall at the door every three to five, giving free food and clothes to the elderly and children.

Very famous and loved by everyone.

But after Hanzo was sent to that family.

The beautiful life imagined has not come.

The more terrifying purgatory is even more terrifying.

It's all just an illusion made by that beast.

At every turn, he would punch and kick at his wife and daughter.

There are even various punishments.

If you make that person unhappy, he will ask you to stretch out your hand, take out a buddy and keep burning it under your hands.

He also used a knife to cut a hole in Hanzo's body and sprinkled salt on it.

But in such a purgatory, Hanzo encountered the white moonlight in his heart.

His nominal sister, the biological daughter of that beast.

She is a very kind girl, and every time Hanzo has no food to eat or is injured, she will quietly send medicine.

Hanzo would also quietly stand in front of his sister every time the beast was angry and beat people.

Protecting my sister under my body, it seems that I can't feel the pain in my body at all.

In this way, Hanzo protects his sister, and her sister will secretly send Hanzo medicine.

The relationship between the two has also gotten better over time.

Hanzo has gradually become a young man of sixteen or seventeen years old.

Tonight, he had just protected his sister from the beast's beating, waiting for her to deliver medicine in the room.

But there was no sign of his sister for a long time.

When Hanzo gently came to his sister's door, he saw a picture that made him angry.

That brute stepfather is beating up his sister constantly.

In the end, he kept yelling at her.

"You bastard, you still dare to give him medicine, I beat you to death, a money-losing thing!"

"Kill you to death, you are the same rubbish as your bitch!"

Standing outside the door, Hanzo's eyes were splitting, his hands clenched together fiercely, his fingernails sunk into his flesh, and blood dripped down his palms.

Why don't you dare to rush in and start a fight with that beast?

Save your sister from that beast.

But the weakness from being beaten to being beaten made Hanzo only dare to clench his fists, but dare not rush in.

Finally, he turned around and returned to his house incompetently.

How could a fifteen-year-old girl beat a big guy, she could only endure it.

The next morning, Hanzo came to his sister's room early.

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