Chapter: 2337

"Okay, go home!" Leng Difeng embraced the children, "One twenty, come here!"


The three children immediately threw themselves into his arms, acting cutely.

Hua Xiaofo was dumbfounded. Leng Difeng never took care of children. Before at Ye's house, he even told ghost stories to scare the children. The children were very unfamiliar with him. Why did they suddenly become so close now?

"Hey, let's take Mommy home, shall we?"

Leng Difeng held the three children in his arms, his tall body formed the cutest height difference with the three little ones, this picture looked very cute.


The children answered in unison.

"Awesome!" Leng Difeng picked up the three children and walked straight out...

"Hey, Leng Difeng, what are you doing? Return the child to me, hello..." Hua Xiaofo hurriedly chased him out, "One one two two twenty, come to Mommy quickly."

"Mommy, let's go home together. Granny Nora has cooked a lot of delicious food and is waiting for us. Daddy is looking forward to your coming home every day."

"Yes, Mommy, come home with us, Daddy bought a lot of beautiful jewelry waiting for you..."

"Mommy, let's go!"

The three children had no intention of breaking free from Leng Difeng, and even stretched out their little hands to Hua Xiaofo, calling her to go home together.

These three pairs of small hands are like fishhooks, guiding Hua Xiaofo to follow...

"Leng Difeng, return the child to me..."

Hua Xiaofo stomped his feet angrily, but had no choice but to follow the child.

Leng Difeng led her into the car just like that, Leng Xiao hurriedly closed the car door outside, the children lay on Hua Xiaofo's body, and now, they couldn't escape even if they wanted to...

Leng Difeng looked at Hua Xiaofo who was entangled by the children, a smug smirk curled up on his lips, thinking, Ye Zhenting's move is really powerful! ! ! !

That's right, the two of them were in a deadlock when they were in Haicheng, Hua Xiaofo refused to go back to Xuecheng with Leng Difeng no matter what, and Leng Difeng had nothing to do with her.

Later, Ye Zhenting came up with a trick to let Leng Difeng take the child back to Snow City first, and then create a scandal, leading Hua Xiaofo to chase him to Snow City...

Sure enough, as soon as Hua Xiaofo saw that Leng Difeng was looking for a girlfriend, he immediately rushed over in a panic! !

In her own words, she doesn't care whether he finds a girlfriend or not, what she cares about is what kind of stepmother Leng Difeng will find for her child.

What if she abused her child?

But Hua Xiaofo is not stupid, she thought that Leng Difeng might use this method to deliberately stimulate her, so she didn't come to him to make a fuss, but wanted to take the opportunity to sneak to Leng's house to take away the child...

But Leng Difeng took strict precautions, she couldn't sneak in at all, and he couldn't even see the shadow of the child. Not only that, he also had people tie up Bai Hao, took out all her belongings and locked them in his safe, and asked her to automatically come to the door...

Then use the child to lure her back home.

Of course, this premise is that during this period of time, Leng Difeng has tried his best to get along with the children, gain their trust, and win their closeness...

Not only that, but he also taught them painstakingly that they must work together to coax mommy to go home. This painstaking effort is more than any major project he has done, or any enemy he has devoted himself to.

Finally, now I see the effect! ! !

He succeeded! ! !

At this moment, Leng Difeng was sincerely grateful to Ye Zhenting in his heart, and it was the first time in his life that he admired someone! !

Leng Ye and his family have been fighting for so long, Leng Difeng and Ye Zhenting refused to accept each other, and even tried to kill each other at one point, although later, Leng Difeng became Ye Zhenting's brother-in-law, and Ye Zhenting fought for his wife. , had to lower his noble head and take the initiative to show his favor, but Leng Difeng didn't take him seriously...

Until Ye Zhenting helped him get his wife back.

Leng Difeng thanked him from the bottom of his heart and admired him...

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Gracias gracias muy bonita historia.


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