Chapter: 2338

Leng Difeng saw the real high EQ from Ye Zhenting. He used to think that the so-called high EQ was to please others and care about other people's feelings. He always scoffed at it and dismissed it...

But now, he realizes that a high EQ can sometimes do a lot of things that can't be done with power, status and money, such as getting close to children, coaxing a good wife, and reuniting the whole family!

Ye Zhenting once said that a family needs to be managed. For anyone, no matter what your social status is or how capable you are, your family will always be your most important and precious thing.

Home and everything prosper, this sentence seems ordinary, but now, Leng Difeng has truly understood...

As long as the family is reunited, peaceful and beautiful, he will have the mind to do other things.

Perhaps, the consummation of life lies in this.

Leng Difeng hurried home all the way, Hua Xiaofo tried to escape on the way, in fact, it was not without chance, with her current ability, it is no problem to escape alone, but it is too difficult to escape with children... …

Unless she is really willing to bear the child, otherwise, she can only compromise.

Coaxed back home by Leng Difeng and the three children, Hua Xiaofo knew that she had been fooled, but she was actually willing to fall into the trap...

In any case, Leng Difeng was able to gain the approval of the children in such a short period of time, which was beyond her expectation, and it was also the point that touched her the most.

Even though he was still a little uneasy, seeing the children's attachment to Leng Difeng, all the worries in Hua Xiaofo's heart could only be dispelled...

Yes, kids need their moms, and they need their dads.

She has no right to deprive them of their right to enjoy paternal love.

If she continues to be stubborn, she will make the children lack something. For the sake of the children, she can only choose to compromise...

This is the reason she gave herself.

When Leng Difeng threw her on the bed, she warned viciously, "Leng Difeng, I warn you, I came back for my child, don't think I still like you, what are you doing, you take off my clothes What are you doing, hey, hey... woo..."

The room was full of spring, and outside, the three little ones staggered downstairs, one by one sighed like adults, "Daddy and Mommy are like children, so worrying!"

"Yes, yes, especially Mommy, oh..."

"No matter what, Mommy is finally home, and I can drink the snake soup I didn't buy stewed in the future!"

"It's been a long time since I've had a drink, I'm hungry~~"

"Grandma, is the meal ready?"

The three children yelled downstairs.

"Okay, okay, I'll get someone to bring it to the restaurant right away, be good, don't run around, mother-in-law will pick you up..."

Nora hurried upstairs to pick up the three children, but the children came back and knocked on the door, "Daddy, Mommy, it's time to eat!"

"Daddy, Mommy, dinner is ready!"

"Daddy, Mommy..."

"Hey, hey!" Nora hurriedly stopped the children, "Be good, baby, don't make trouble, Daddy and Mommy are busy, mother-in-law will take you downstairs for dinner."

"What are mommy and daddy busy with?"

One by one tilted their heads and asked curiously.

"This..." Nora didn't know how to answer for a moment.

"They are busy making siblings for you." Leng Xiao suddenly said, "Do you like it?"

"Ah? Give birth again??" Er Er frowned, with a troubled expression on his face, "There are so many children in the family, are they still alive?"

"That's right, plus Brother Chenchen, Brother Longlong, and Sister Yueyue, we already have six children. If we have another child, we can open a kindergarten at home!"

"Well, it sounds good too. Let's open a kindergarten at home then..."

"Yes, aunt and uncle seem to be having a baby too."

"My lord is really troublesome, let us worry about it."

"That's it!"