Chapter: 1

When your wife and lover fall into the water at the same time, which one will you save?

Song Miao thought of a sentence she saw in her circle of friends a few days ago, and almost choked with distress.

She stood stiffly in the banquet hall, her delicate blue knee-length dress fitted to her body, embarrassed.

Surrounded by cowardly whispers of disdain and mockery from company employees.

There is no need to listen carefully, she knows what they are saying behind her back.

In a vain attempt to seduce their boss...

Vicious enough to push their president's woman into the water...

I usually look indifferent and noble, so shameless...

Just now in Shengyue's back garden, she was stopped by Chu Shaoyan's new favorite, just like the idol actress Kona.

"Song Miao, I know that Shao Yan's famous wife is you. If I were you, I would have been ashamed to divorce him. This way I watched him be together with other women every day in love and did everything between men and women. Is it interesting?"

This kind of drama has been continuously performed since I married Chu Shaoyan.

Song Miao felt a sharp pain in her heart, and was about to say something, only to see her face changed, and her arrogant arrogance suddenly became weak and innocent——

"Song Miao, I know you like Shao Yan too. If Shao Yan likes you too, I will never get in between you, but Shao Yan doesn't like you. You...ah! Save--"

Before the last word could be said, Song Miao was dragged into the water by the woman in front of him.

Behind is a scene of a hero saving the beauty, but it is a pity that the heroine is not her.

Song Miao raised his hand and squeezed the corner of his eye, cut away a drop of water without a trace, and looked at the front entrance of the banquet hall not far away.

She couldn't see the front, only Chu Shaoyan's long and straight back, he was carefully and tenderly hugging Cona into his arms and kissing her on the forehead. No need to guess, Song Miao could think of the pitying expression on Chu Shaoyan's face at this moment.

He also thinks that Cona he pushed fell into the water?

As if someone was pouring a cup of sulfuric acid in his heart, Song Miao pressed his hand to the place, fisted hands, the knuckles faintly whitened.


Back home, the babysitter greeted him with a smile, "Young grandma, you are back."

"Yeah." Song Miao nodded, his gaze fell on a pair of black leather shoes in the hallway.

Aunt Xu smiled ambiguously, "My wife is going to play cards, and the husband has just returned. Let the young lady go to his study when you come back."

Today is her birthday.

Song Miao looked at the expression on Aunt Xu's face, her throat a little dry.

"Ah! Grandma, why are you so wet? Go take a bath first."

Song Miao nodded, went upstairs, and when he passed the door of Chu Shaoyan's study, he paused in his footsteps, then closed his eyes and went over.

After taking a hurried bath, Song Miao subconsciously chose a light blue base and only embroidered a small tuft of jasmine knee-length jumpsuit on the left waist when choosing clothes.

Just now, Aunt Xu secretly told her when she gave her towels that today Shao Yan bought a handful of Blue Enchantress and placed it in the study.

Song Miao was a little nervous.

Before she knocked on the door, the study door opened first.

Chu Shaoyan stood expressionlessly at the entrance of the study.

As long as his facial features don't smile, they always give people a sharp feeling. Those eyes are very narrow and long, they are obviously amorous eyes, but they are always engraved with cold. He didn't change his suit, a black suit set off his aura very well, and the whole person had a natural sense of dignity.

"Why don't you come here right away when you come back?"

Song Miao was startled, his ears warmed, "...I just wet the clothes at the banquet, I did a wash first..."

Before he finished listening, the man entered the study impatiently, leaving Song Miao with a cold back.

Song Miao opened his mouth and walked in silently.

The layout of the study is completely in the style of Chu Shaoyan, magnificent and luxurious. The whole is dark brown and the decoration is the same, except for the handful of blue enchanting girl who is standing on the short table at the moment.

Song Miao looked at the bouquet, paused, and walked towards the man who was fixing his tie.

"Shao Yan, I thought you didn't remember that today was my birthday."

The grievances at the celebration banquet disappeared a lot, Song Miao was about to take over Chu Shaoyan's tie, but he staggered it.

"Your birthday?" Chu Shaoyan seemed to notice Song Miao's dress now. He glanced at the handful of roses not far away before turning his head to look at Song Miao with a smile, "Don't you think, that The bouquet is for you, right?"