Chapter: 2

Song Miao's body suddenly became stiff, with embarrassment on her face.

When she just heard Aunt Xu tell her, she was indeed expectant in her heart.

I knew it was impossible for a long time, so why should I be so stupid that I have to humiliate myself every time?

"What are you looking for me...?" Her voice was a little dry.

"I thought you would constrain, but I didn't expect it to get worse. She doesn't care about Ko Na's affairs this time, but I don't want to have another time."

Chu Shaoyan walked to the desk and opened the drawer, saying indifferently.

His side face is neat and tidy, and from the full-length mirror, he can see his expressionless face, as he always looks ruthless towards her.

A large handful of blue enchantress was quietly stuck in the study, and the beauty was blooming quietly.

Song Miao pretended to be strong, and couldn't help convulsing fiercely anymore.

"not me."

She said softly.

Chu Shaoyan took a red velvet heart-shaped box from the drawer. He was already neatly dressed and tall.

He only looked down at the watch on his hand. When he raised his head, his face was cold in addition to impatience, "Song Miao, don't use the dirty tricks of the big family on my woman, you want marriage, I will give Now, what else are you dissatisfied with?"

"If you want me, sorry, I can't be tough on you. If you want my heart—"

"I said, I didn't push Cona into the water!"

Before the man was about to say something more ugly, Song Miao closed his eyes and gritted his teeth to interrupt him.

Her lips were white and her body trembled as if she was about to fall down in the next moment.

Chu Shaoyan's face was ugly to the extreme.

"You mean she lied?"

Chu Shaoyan snorted lightly and turned around, his eyes gliding in disgust.

"Do you know that she can't swim at all? If you save her up later and kill her, do you think you can stand here safely?!"

"Shao Yan, in your heart, am I such an unbearable person?" The grievances and pains over the past few days finally made her unbearable. Song Miao looked at Chu Shaoyan bitterly, "I didn't push Kona, it was her. If I fell into the water, she came to humiliate me and let me leave you. I never wanted to hurt her!"

Her cheeks were thin and her eyes were bigger, but her eyes were full of pain at the moment.

Chu Shaoyan looked at those Jianshui Qiu pupils covered with haze, for a moment, and the next moment, his face became even more ugly. Seeing the stubborn expression of the woman in front of him, thinking that Ke Na was trembling in his arms but told him not to blame Song Miao's appearance, his heart suddenly rose up with impatience, and he would take the woman in front of him without thinking about it. Give a wave.

"I have never seen a vicious woman like you!"

With a sound of "Peng--" Song Miao staggered a few steps, and almost fell to the ground, her face instantly pale.

Chu Shaoyan just glanced at her indifferently, picked up the handful of roses on the desk, and walked outside.

Song Miao didn't know where the courage came from, and regardless of the pain in his arm, he ran over and stood in front of Chu Shaoyan. "It's so late, where are you going?"

Chu Shaoyan's eyes were frozen with cold, "Get out of the way!"

Song Miao's eyes were filled with mist, and she followed the man's hand and saw the ring on her finger.

It's just an ordinary silver ring. The small vendor bought it. He bought it to her when their relationship hadn't become so tense. She was like a baby. Later, when he got married, he already hated her and didn't even buy her a decent wedding diamond ring, so she turned it out silently.

"Chu Shaoyan, you are already married, do you know what you are doing now!"

Song Miao couldn't help shouting at him anymore.

In the past two years, she hadn't had a pleasant day. When she opened her eyes every day, she saw the scandal photos of him and other women's affection.

The arm was severely thrown away again, and Chu Shaoyan's cold voice followed the sound of closing the door, "From the first day you married into the Chu family, you should know what kind of life you will live in the future."

Song Miao trembled all over, staying in place.

When the sound of closing the door downstairs came, Aunt Xu walked into the study with pity, and sighed, "Mother, are you okay?"

Song Miao stood up slowly and touched her face. It was dry. She shook her head in a daze, and went out of the study to her bedroom.