President Daddy’s Excessive Love

She fell victim to her stepmother's plot, and in a night of entanglement with a mysterious man, she was ultimately forced to leave the country. Five years later, she returns with beautiful twins! However, on the day of her return, she accidentally gets entangled with the aloof and handsome CEO, and what shocks her even more is that this CEO bears an uncanny resemblance to her son. The twins went viral because of their cute pictures. It also attracted the attention of the CEO, so one day, the president took the initiative to find her...

This novel, also known as "Swaying Petals of Love and Tears", "Endless Sleepless Love", "Beloved CEO Dotes on the Sky", "The Ultimate Husband Dotes on His Adorable Wife", "CEO's Pursuit of His Wife: Daddy, You're So Good", "A Lifetime of Devotion", "Young Master Ji, See You Tonight", "CEO's Sole Devotion: Kisses for My Little Baby", "Moonlight Reflecting on the Heart" and "A Love Affair in a Prestigious Family: Beware of the CEO."