Rediscovering Love: My Billionaire's Redemption

Wen Man had always known that Huo Shaoting's love for her had been tainted by ulterior motives. She sought something more profound from him, while he yearned for her youthful beauty. As his "white moonlight" returned, he gradually distanced himself from their home, leaving Wen Man to endure countless lonely nights in an empty room. She eventually found herself waiting for a farewell and a settlement check from him.

Their paths crossed again, but this time, there was someone else by her side. Huo, his eyes red with emotion, declared, "Wen Man, it was me who first made love to you." Wen Man responded with a faint smile, "Lawyer Huo, you were also the one who left me first! If you're interested, you might have to get in line if you want to date me." The following day, she received a deposit of 100 billion along with a sparkling diamond ring. Lawyer Huo, on bended knee, confessed, "Ms. Wen, I'd like to jump the line."

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