Chapter: 4306

Gu Changqing gently said, "Wen Man, I'm waiting for you to beg me!"

Wen Man just hung up the phone, and Aunt Ruan cursed loudly.

"Son of a bitch!"

"He's dreaming! Our family will never send you to him even to death."

Aunt Ruan shed tears as she spoke, "Lawyer Huo is the brother-in-law of this white-eyed wolf. How can we get him? Wen Man, please think of a way."

Wen Man lowered his eyes.

After a moment, she whispered, "I have a relationship with this lawyer Huo. Let me give it a try."

Aunt Ruan is a woman and very sensitive.

She smelled the smell of alcohol on Wen Man and saw the man's coat on her body, and she guessed what happened.

It is not easy to meet Huo Shaoting.

In the lobby of Jieying Law Firm, the receptionist was polite and distant, "I'm sorry, miss, I can't let you in without an appointment."

Wen Man regretted not accepting the business card last night.

But regretting was useless, she then asked, "If I make an appointment now, when can I see Lawyer Huo?"

The lady at the front desk checked and said, "The fastest is half a month."

Wen Man couldn't help but feel anxious.

At this moment, the elevator door opened at the corner of the hall, and a man and woman walked out.

The man is Huo Shaoting.

He was dressed in a black and white classic suit, well-dressed, and looked like an elite.

Huo Shaoting saw Wen Man as soon as he got out of the elevator, but as if he didn't know her, he walked the client to the door and shook hands carefully to say goodbye.

After sending the customers away, he paused at the front desk when he turned back and looked at Wen Man with a half-smile but "changed your mind?"

Wen Man was stunned.

Soon she realized what he meant, her cheeks could not help but feel hot, and she quickly picked up the paper bag, "I came here to return my coat."

Huo Shaoting reached out and took it.

He nodded reservedly, "Sorry to trouble you." After saying that, he walked directly to the elevator without saying a word.

Wen Man was anxious, and she followed him, "Lawyer Huo, I want to beg you..."