When His Eyes Opened

His father's company was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Qin Anan was married by his stepmother to Fu Shiting, a big man with a serious illness. Everyone waited to see her turn into a widow and be driven out by the Fu family.
Soon, Fu Shiting woke up unexpectedly.
After waking up, he was sullen and violent: "Qin An'an, even if you are pregnant with my child, I will strangle him myself!"
Four years had passed when Qin once again returned to her homeland with her fraternal twins—a boy and a girl. As she pointed at Fu Shiting’s face on a TV screen, she reminded her babies, “Stay far away from this man, he’s sworn to kill you both.” That night, Fu Shiting’s computer was hacked and he was challenged—by one of the twins—to kill them. “Come and get me, *sshole!”

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