Chapter: 4003

"Ling Sinan, I don't know how many faces you have?" Xia Xiyao raised the corners of her lips in a playful manner, and couldn't wait to see how complicated this man is.

When Ling Sinan saw the two people being arrested, he stepped forward and punched them twice in a rage, one in the face of each, completely blinding them.

Xiao Han watched from the side, feeling pain in the flesh, Ling Shao was really angry, because of that woman? The two were beaten with bruised noses and swollen faces. They looked at the young man with a cold face in front of them in horror. For a moment, they felt that they would die under his cold eyes.

"Who sent you here?" Ling Sinan asked coldly.

"Master Ling, there are many people who want to kill you, you don't know it, you are so brave, you dare to go abroad alone." One of the men bit the bullet and sneered.

"I know there are many people who want my life, but it depends on whether they have the ability." Ling Sinan responded with a sneer.

"We won't sell any information. If you have the guts, kill us." The two men looked at each other and decided not to speak, because no matter whether they spoke or not, they were dead.

"Very good, if you don't want to talk about it, then I'll start investigating from you. Don't underestimate my network, I don't believe that you don't have a single weakness." Ling Sinan smiled carelessly. The two men fought to the end with the mentality that they must die, but who knew that Ling Sinan didn't execute them directly, but instead looked for their weaknesses. They were not afraid of death, but they all had weaknesses.

"Master, they definitely didn't pop out from the cracks in the rocks. They are over 30 or 40 years old, there must be old and young, and they must be forced to work hard to make money. As long as we dig deep, they will definitely have weaknesses." Xiao Han folded his arms beside him, analyzing calmly.

The expressions of the two men changed drastically in an instant. They came out to work hard to make money. They really wanted to make their families live a better life. Moreover, as long as they died, their families could get a large amount of compensation. "Well, go check it out, I'll give you three days." Ling Sinan gave the order with a cold face.

"Okay, I'll check it out now." Xiao Han pursed his lips, turned and left.

"Ling Sinan, you can't threaten our family. You want to be the most important person in the country. You should have a heart of kindness. You can't kill innocent people." One of the men roared angrily.

"You are really shameless. You came to kill me, and I still have to forgive you mercifully?" Hearing what they said, Ling Sinan instantly became angry and kicked that person fiercely.

That person was speechless for a moment, and just stared at Ling Sinan with red eyes.

Ling Sinan pulled a chair, sat down, and stared at them coldly: "You still refuse to say?"

The man stood up suddenly and slammed into the wall next to him. Blood splashed wildly, and he died within a few minutes.

"Damn it." Ling Sinan was annoyed, he didn't expect that these people were not even afraid of death, they were all desperadoes.

Xiao Han also felt it was a pity.

"Call the police and get this matter out." Ling Sinan ordered coldly.

Xiao Han called the police, and the police came to record a statement. Xia Xiyao, as the victim, came forward to give evidence. The police disclosed the details of this matter to the public. Ling Sinan notified the people in the dark to keep an eye on domestic actions.

Lan Yanxi and Ling Mofeng were very worried when they heard the news that their son was in distress. After talking on the phone, Ling Sinan repeatedly assured that they would act more carefully so that their parents would not have to worry.

The days have returned to calm, Xia Xiyao has become more vigilant after the last incident.

Someone wanted to kill Ling Sinan, and even set their minds on her, heh, these reckless people.

Xia Hualan took the medicine and was disinfecting and bandaging Xia Xiyao.

"Why don't you resist and see how they beat you up." Xia Hualan said in a low voice.

"What's a little injury? Compared with our mission, it's nothing." Xia Xiyao looked disapproving.

Xia Hualan was very distressed, the boss was very skilled, but he had to be beaten alive.

"Boss, I feel like this Ling Sinan really likes you, this is a good opportunity." Xia Hualan wanted to finish the mission quickly and return to China to get the bonus.

"I didn't expect that he is still a love brain. Did I think highly of him?" Xia Xiyao narrowed her eyes, but those misty eyes were covered with frost.

"The boss is so beautiful, he couldn't help being moved." Xia Hualan mocked.