Chapter: 4004

Xia Xiyao reached out her hand and touched her face: "Pi Xiang is just a superficial appearance, he will pass a person's face and get emotional indiscriminately?"

"You are not only beautiful, but also fragile. Men have a desire to protect."

"Then he really deserves to die." Xia Xiyao twitched the corner of her mouth, pinching her slender fingers tightly.

"Is the boss going to make a move?" Xia Hualan couldn't help asking excitedly.

"If there is a suitable time, I will do it." Xia Xiyao said while biting her lip.

Time flies, three days have passed, this morning, Ling Sinan came to look for Xia Xiyao.

"Miss Xia, come with me." Ling Sinan said in a low voice.

Xia Xiyao was startled, and asked curiously, "Where is Mr. Ling taking me?"

"Go to a place, and you'll know when you get there." After Ling Sinan finished speaking, he came over to hold her hand.

Xia Xiyao shivered for a moment, and stopped struggling. Did she go to a place where no one was around?

Xia Xiyao sneered in her heart, heh, man...

Ling Sinan drove Xia Xiyao to the base of a building, Xia Xiyao rolled her eyes, it was the city center.

"An ophthalmologist I know is upstairs here. I contacted him through my relationship and asked him to give you an examination. Come up with me." Ling Sinan couldn't wait to let her see this doctor.

Xia Xiyao froze, and he took her to see an ophthalmologist.

Her blindness is fake, and once she really sees a doctor with medical skills, it will be easily exposed.

And this is an ophthalmologist...

"Mr. Ling, I... I'm scared, or else, forget it, I'm used to a life where I can't see." Xia Xiyao turned around and was about to leave, but she forgot that she was blind again, and deliberately bumped into the wall. Ling Sinan grabbed her, and in the next second, he hugged Xia Xiyao horizontally: "It's okay, let him take a look. When your eyes are healed, you can see flowers in spring, sea in summer, moon in autumn, and snow in winter. You must not know how beautiful the world is and how interesting the four changes are."

Xia Xiyao was trapped in the man's arms, hearing him whispering, her whole body trembled, her eyes couldn't stop looking at the man.

Seeing the gaze of the woman in his arms, Ling Sinan's body trembled, his eyes were as clear as a lake, rippling in the waves.

If he hadn't known that she had eye disease, Ling Sinan would have thought her eyes were fine.

Usually the eyes of the blind are dull, empty, and as dull as an ancient pool.

Xia Xiyao panicked, seeing that the elevator was about to open, Xia Xiyao suddenly let out a low cry.

"Ouch, my stomach..." "What's wrong?"

Ling Sinan's eyes were slightly dazed, and he asked with concern.

"I don't know, maybe it's because of that... My stomach hurts."

Xia Xiyao found the most clumsy excuse and reached out to cover her lower abdomen.

Ling Sinan was stunned for three seconds before realizing that a woman would have a stomach ache during her menstrual period.

"Does it hurt badly?"

Seeing her frowning and moaning in pain, Ling Sinan thought it was serious.

"Well, Mr. Ling, can I trouble you to buy some hygiene products for me?"