Chapter: 4006

"Ling Sinan, you are a good man, but it's a pity...we swear to be incompatible."

While Xia Xiyao was speaking, the gun was aimed at Ling Sinan's back.

Ling Sinan was walking forward when suddenly, two men in black sneaked up from the other two roads and approached Ling Sinan.

Those two people also stretched their hands into their waists, Xia Xiyao squinted her beautiful eyes, seeing the two people took out their guns at the same time, Xia Xiyao turned to Ling Sinan's muzzle instantly, and fired two shots in a row.

Ling Sinan was looking for someone to question, when he heard gunshots, the people around were startled and ran around.

Ling Sinan was pushed by several people, but he did not run away with the crowd, instead, he ran towards the direction of the gunfire.

"Idiot...don't run for your life."

Xia Xiyao was also about to leave, when she saw Ling Sinan running towards the direction of the gunshot, she got anxious and cursed secretly.

Did this man really think he had nine lives?

Xia Xiyao stood on a high place and looked down, the gunshots attracted several black figures rushing towards this side.

"Damn it..." Xia Xiyao cursed angrily, and her petite figure quickly jumped off the roof.

He quickly ran towards Ling Sinan.

Ling Sinan passed through the crowd and came to the injured man. The man shot through the heart and was already dead. The gun in his hand fell to the side.

Ling Sinan opened his eyes, it seems that this is a killer, who is he here to kill?

Ling Sinan was about to check, when he suddenly heard a woman's cry for help not far away: "Help, someone will save me, I'm so scared."

"Miss Xia."

Hearing this voice, Ling Sinan was overjoyed, and ran towards that direction quickly, only to see Xia Xiyao huddled in a corner with her clothes in disarray, her hands tightly clutching the torn collar, very pitiful.

Seeing this scene, Ling Sinan's heart almost stopped beating. He hurriedly took off his coat and covered Xia Xiyao's whole body.

"Miss Xia, it's okay, why are you here?"

Ling Sinan blamed himself very much.

"I was carried here. There are a few men. I can't understand what they said. They want to bully me. Mr. Ling, it's a good thing you're here. Let's go. I heard gunshots, and those men were also scared away by the gunshots."

Xia Xiyao said in panic.

"It's okay, I'll take you away."

Ling Sinan bent down, picked her up horizontally, and quickly ran towards the car.

Xia Xiyao looked at the man's resolute chin, and she couldn't help but curse again in her heart: "Fool."

Ling Sinan directly took Xia Xiyao into the car, and Xia Xiyao grabbed his arm nervously: "Mr. Ling, let's stop looking at our eyes, let's go, I'm really scared."

Ling Sinan whispered in her ear: "I'm sorry, those killers may have taken advantage of me. I'll ask the driver to take you back."

After Ling Sinan finished speaking, he told the driver: "Take Miss Xia to a safe place."

When Xia Xiyao heard this, she held his arm tightly with her small hands: "Mr. Ling, let's go together."

"No, I can't leave with you, they will definitely continue to chase, go quickly."