Chapter: 4007

Ling Sinan closed the car door, and the car drove away quickly.

Xia Xiyao bit her red lips tightly, she never expected that Ling Sinan would put herself in danger in order to protect her safety.

"Ling Sinan, don't think I'll let you go if you're like this." Xia Xiyao said bitterly in her heart.

"Brother Liu, can you take me to where my sister works?" Xia Xiyao said to the driver.

"Okay, Miss Xia, where does your sister work?"

Xia Xiyao reported the address, and the driver stopped at the door of the restaurant where Xia Hualan worked.

After receiving the message, Xia Hualan quickly walked out and supported Xia Xiyao.

After Xia Xiyao thanked the driver, she followed Xia Hualan into the restaurant.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, all the staff in the restaurant stopped their work and looked at Xia Xiyao respectfully.

Xia Xiyao's aura changed drastically in an instant. She was still weak just now, but now, her eyes and expression revealed the majesty and fierceness of the female boss.

"Miss, when will you do it?" one of the men asked.

"Wait for my order." Xia Xiyao walked into the backstage of the work, sat on a chair, her withered eyes instantly gathered light, and the bottom of her eyes was full of coldness.

"What kind of person is Ling Sinan? If you get close to him, you should know what he is like." A man walked in, and he looked at Xia Xiyao with admiration. This man was called Xia Lin, who was adopted together with Xia Xiyao. He was a few years older than Xia Xiyao. At this moment, he slowly walked down the stairs in the backstage.

"He's just a very normal man, not as mysterious as the outside world says." Xia Xiyao said lightly.

"Oh? I heard that his father sent many hidden guards to protect him. Have you fought against them?" Xia Lin instantly underestimated Ling Sinan's ability.

"I'm just blind, I have no chance to fight against his hidden guard." Xia Xiyao replied coldly. "Yaoyao, thank you for your hard work. It must be aggrieved to let you lurk beside this doggy man like Ling Sinan. After this mission is over, we will apply for a vacation from our adoptive father. Where do you want to go? I will accompany you." The man suddenly stepped forward, reaching out to hold Xia Xiyao's little hand.

Xia Xiyao dodged without a trace, and said in a cool voice: "I don't want to go anywhere."

The man looked at the empty hand, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Yaoyao, you are still so born, you should be able to feel my affection for you, I know you don't want to have a boyfriend now, I am willing to wait..."

"Xia Lin, we are now a cooperative relationship, please be clear." Xia Xiyao reminded him very coldly.

"Yaoyao, don't you feel lonely? People like us have been trained to have no feelings since childhood, and our blood is cold. We can only hug each other to keep warm. Except for me, there is no man who will really care about you and love you..." Xia Lin said calmly.

When Xia Xiyao heard his words, she suddenly thought of that handsome face and that gentle voice.

That's right, she was told since she was a child that she lived to perform tasks, and she didn't need love, distress, or pity, but why did her heart fluctuate?

Ling Sinan's concern for her and his sacrifice to protect her, are these all fake?

"Thank you for your concern, but I don't need your warmth, I don't feel cold." Xia Yaoxi didn't agree.

"Do you have someone you like? Who is it?" Xia Lin's complexion changed, and she asked suspiciously.

"No." Xia Xiyao said coldly.

Xia Lin didn't believe it, he suddenly taunted: "Yaoyao, you are not in love with Ling Sinan, are you? As far as I know, he is very good-looking, you are not such a superficial person, you won't be attracted by someone's appearance, right?"

Xia Xiyao's pretty face froze, and she glared at Xia Lin angrily, "I won't fall in love with my enemy, unless, I don't want to live anymore."

"That's right, unless you don't want to die." Xia Lin believed that Xia Xiyao knew what was important, and she wouldn't even risk her life for a man.

Xia Xiyao didn't want to talk nonsense with him anymore, but said coldly: "I need a new place to live, I can't stay with Ling Sinan anymore."