Chapter: 4008

"What? He found out your identity?" Xia Lin was taken aback.

"No, he wants someone to look into my eyes. I can hide it from ordinary people, but I still can't hide it from ophthalmologists."

"Okay, I'll find you a place to live, but how do you get close to Ling Sinan?"

"I'll figure it out."

Xia Lin made a phone call, and he had the result not long after.

"I found you a place near Ling Sinan's school, and you and Xia Hualan will move there."

"En." Xia Xiyao nodded, and suddenly, the phone rang.

"It's Ling Sinan." Xia Xiyao frowned, got up, and walked to the side: "Hello."

"Miss Xia, where are you?" Ling Sinan's tone was panting.

"I'm in the restaurant where my sister works, are you out of danger?" Xia Xiyao's voice changed, becoming soft and gentle.

Xia Lin listened beside her, jealousy flashed across her face.

Xia Xiyao always spoke to him coldly, but when she spoke to Ling Sinan, she had this kind of soft and cute voice.

"I met a killer just now, and I just fought against him." Ling Sinan had gone through life and death, and he only felt lucky to hear Xia Xiyao's voice.

"Then you have to be careful, Mr. Ling, I don't want anything to happen to you." Xia Xiyao's implication is that you can't die at the hands of others, you must die at my hands.

"Don't worry, I didn't have such a short life." After Ling Sinan finished speaking, his tone suddenly became sharp: "I won't tell you anymore, someone is chasing me again."

Listening to the Mang tone on the phone, Xia Xiyao frowned.

"You sent these killers?" Xia Xiyao asked, staring back at Xia Lin.

Xia Lin hooked her lips and sneered: "What? You don't feel sorry for him, do you? If you hadn't revealed his location, how could my people find him?"

"It's really you?" Xia Xiyao gritted her silver teeth, her voice became cold: "Why didn't you discuss it with me before you made the move?"

"Yaoyao, don't worry, if you kill Ling Sinan, I won't take the credit from you, it will all belong to you." Xia Lin's tone became gentle.

"No need, don't forget, who is responsible for this plan, next time, without my consent, you are not allowed to do it privately, revealing your identity, who is to blame for this?" Xia Xiyao warned him coldly.

Xia Lin's expression changed, but she finally didn't dare to speak again.

"I'm afraid you've messed up your homework, and I want to help you solve it as soon as possible."

"Don't forget, foster father not only wants to kill Ling Sinan, but also wants to get some secrets from him. Just killing him is useless, you have to let him speak."

"Yes, next time I won't mess around again, I'll follow your command." Xia Lin lowered her head, Xia Xiyao was his boss, he couldn't pass her and exercise power.

Xia Xiyao turned around and went out.

"Yaoyao, where are you going?"

"It has nothing to do with you." After Xia Xiyao finished speaking, she entered a room. After a while, she had changed into a leather jacket and pants, her long hair was tied high into a ponytail, and a mask covered her face.

"I'll go with you." Xia Lin said anxiously.

"No need, just wait for me." Xia Xiyao had already stepped out from the other door of the restaurant, where there was a black motorcycle, Xia Xiyao stretched her long legs, and drove forward at lightning speed.