Chapter: 4009

Ling Sinan had already thrown off several killers in a thrilling manner. There were too many of them. Bullets grazed Ling Sinan's arms, and his white shirt was stained red with blood.

"Young master, go this way..." Several hidden guards rushed over, protecting him and running towards a passage.

"Be careful, pay attention to safety, and don't touch hard."

Ling Sinan recognized his father's subordinates, and he anxiously told him.

Those few people didn't care about the danger, they just left safely in order to protect the only seedling of the Ling family.

Ling Sinan had already run a long way, he turned his head, but he didn't hear the gunfire again, he quickly covered his arms and walked towards the taxi not far away.

Just as he was about to stop a taxi, a black motorcycle passed by him.

Ling Sinan stared at the motorcycle vigilantly. The rider looked like a woman with a very hot figure, long hair tied up high, and a fox mask. She looked wild and unruly, with a frivolous temperament.


The woman let out a taunt, and with a thud of the gas pedal, she rolled towards Ling Sinan.

Ling Sinan avoided it in a dangerous way, but the speed of the other party was too fast, and he fell to the side of the road.

Pedestrians who were approaching avoided one after another. It looked like a gang fight. This kind of excitement couldn't be joined, and it would kill people.

Ling Sinan cursed in a low voice, it seemed that the other party was desperately trying to send him to heaven.

The black motorcycle turned around again and continued rolling towards him.

Ling Sinan reached out and took out a short knife from his waist. The moment the other party drove over, he threw it into the tire without fail, and the short knife was rubbed and sparked.

The wheels of the motorcycle froze, and the woman on the car was thrown into the air, but she didn't fall down. On the contrary, she turned over gracefully in midair and landed perfectly, with a light body.

Ling Sinan looked at the other party like a wild cat, stepping closer to him step by step.

"Who are you?

Why do you want to kill me? "

Ling Sinan asked coldly.

Xia Xiyao looked at this man through the mask, he was really tenacious.

Injured, but still able to escape here.


dumb? "

Seeing that the other party didn't speak, Ling Sinan just looked at him coldly, and he sneered.

Xia Xiyao raised her foot and kicked him in the abdomen. Although Ling Sinan was injured, her fighting power was still amazing. He turned around and Xia Xiyao's legs fell into the air, and her fist hit the man's chest again.

The seemingly delicate body, but the punch is very fierce.

Ling Sinan narrowly avoided it, but still received a punch from her, and his healthy body took a few steps back.

Xia Xiyao continued to attack, she pulled an iron chain from the motorcycle, and flicked her hand, the chain rubbed against the floor and sparked, it can be seen how painful it would be if a whip was thrown.

"You are so ruthless at such a young age, how did your family educate you?"