Chapter: 4010

Judging from her figure, Ling Sinan should be very young, in her early twenties at most.

A girl of this age should have been educated on a university campus, but instead she became a killer.

Xia Xiyao sneered, her voice became deep: "Is it related to you?

The one with the surname Ling deserves to die. "

Xia Xiyao came over with a whip, Ling Sinan stretched out his hand and grabbed the iron chain that she threw over, the palm of the big palm was worn out instantly, and it hurt hotly, but Ling Sinan didn't let go.

Blood fell from the iron chain, and Xia Xiyao's heart shook violently.

"let go."

Xia Xiyao didn't expect that he would pick it up with his hands, she thought he would avoid it, this dog man is so stupid.

Not only did Ling Sinan not let go, but he even pulled hard. Xia Xiyao didn't expect him to fight back, her delicate body trembled, and he pulled her hard a few steps. She was only less than one meter away from him.

"Let me see what you look like."

Ling Sinan reached out to take off her mask.

Xia Xiyao let go of her hands in panic, she didn't want the chain, turned over and jumped a few meters away.

Ling Sinan threw the chain on the ground and looked at her coldly: "There are many people who want to kill me, but I will never die in the hands of women."

"You discriminate against women?"

Xia Xiyao suppressed her voice.

"No, in my eyes, women are gentle and lovely. They shouldn't be involved in such bloody killings. Your age is not much different from my sister. You should go back and receive education..." "Don't lecture me."

Xia Xiyao angrily took a short knife and threw it at him.

The tip of the knife brushed against Ling Sinan's ear, but it didn't hurt him, it just scratched his short hair.

Xia Xiyao kept her hand, which made her very annoyed, so she turned around and left.

Looking at her back, Ling Sinan suddenly said, "Your eyes are very similar to someone I know."

Xia Xiyao froze, this man's eyes are really vicious.

"If you knew me, you would have gone to hell."

Xia Xiyao spoke with her voice pressed down on purpose.

Ling Sinan frowned, but at this moment, Xiao Han rushed to his side anxiously, opened the door and jumped out of the car: "My God, you are so seriously injured, go to the hospital quickly."

Ling Sinan covered his injured arm, only to realize that his big palm was also badly injured.

"Don't go out alone in the future, there are really many people who want your life."

Xiao Han was really frightened. He had encountered killers in China before, but he escaped them all with no injuries.

"There was a woman just seems a bit familiar."

Ling Sinan was still thinking about what happened just now.

He has always been sensitive to familiar people. He has been trained to remember a person's appearance from the subtleties of a person.