Chapter: 4011

The woman just now deliberately suppressed her voice, pretending to be hoarse.

Why did she change her voice?

Are you afraid that he will recognize you?

"No way, is there a killer lurking around us?"

Xiao Han's eyes were shocked.

"The two sisters, Xia Hualan, went abroad with us, isn't it too coincidental?"

Ling Sinan said suddenly.


Xiao Han was even more shocked, with a frightened expression: "You don't doubt the two sisters, do you?"

"I didn't doubt it at first, but just now, there were too many coincidences, so I had to think about it."

Ling Sinan said in a deep voice.

"What coincidence?"

Xiao Han was startled.

"I want to take Xia Xiyao to see an ophthalmologist, but she pretends to have a stomachache and refuses to go upstairs."

Ling Sinan said in a deep voice.

"Just because she refuses to go to the doctor, you suspect her?"

"No, there's also the female killer who came to kill me wearing a mask just now. Her very similar to Xia Xiyao's scent."

Ling Sinan sneered.

"Oh, by the way, I forgot that you have a pair of very sensitive noses, but, based on these two points alone, how can you be sure that she is Xia Xiyao?"

Xiao Han still felt that the evidence was insufficient.

"Well, there is one more thing that makes me wonder."

Ling Sinan said, a little bit hard to say: "Actually, when a woman is on her menstrual period, I can also smell blood."


Xiao Han was surprised.

"Just now Xia Xiyao said that she came here, but I didn't smell it. She lied to me."

Ling Sinan also knew that it was shameless to rely on this kind of evidence, but it was also one of the evidences.

Xiao Han absolutely believed what Ling Sinan said. Since he suspected that the two sisters of the Xia family had other motives, he naturally had to be more vigilant: "Master, what shall we do next?"

Ling Sinan is handsome and gloomy. To be honest, he really doesn't like being deceived and played like a fool.

If the two Xia family sisters really took advantage of his sympathy, he would mercilessly drive them out.

"Follow the plan."