Chapter: 4012

After pondering for two seconds, Ling Sinan said, "If they are really killers, then we have to go through them and find out who is behind them."

"It makes sense, they lied to us, we can't let them go easily."

Xiao Han was also very angry.

"Tricked me a lot, but this time I almost fell."

Ling Sinan laughed at himself.

"They know that you have benevolence and righteousness in your heart, so they pretend to be so pitiful and lure you into the bait."

Xiao Han also mocked.

Ling Sinan sighed lowly: "If she's not blind, it's a good thing."

"You still care about that blind man. She has beautiful eyes. If she is not blind, she is really attractive. But, my lord, I have to remind you. When you get to a high position, what kind of woman do you want to marry? Let me see, the little girl from the Ji family is quite suitable."

Xiao Han suddenly thought of the youngest daughter of Ji's family, she was really a good match for Ling Sinan, and the two families were family friends, and if they joined forces, they would be invincible in the world.

"Don't talk nonsense, Uncle Ji's daughter, I have always treated her as my younger sister. If I really wanted to, I would have shown it a long time ago."

Ling Sinan didn't have this kind of thought. He only had the heart of a brother when he saw his younger sister since he was a child.

"Well, even if Ji's family can't do it, then there are Mu's and Luo's. In short, there are many excellent women for you to choose."

Xiao Han still hopes that Ling Sinan can find a woman who suits him.

"Did I say I was getting married?"

Ling Sinan was a little annoyed by his nagging.

"But I'm afraid that you... really fall in love with Xia Xiyao. The more beautiful a woman is, the more poisonous she may be. Although I think you are invulnerable to all poisons, you are also a normal man with seven emotions and six desires. If Xia Xiyao really tries her best to seduce you, can you still sit still?"

Xiao Han was very worried.

Ling Sinan cried out in pain: "Okay, stop nagging, my wound hurts."

Xiao Han gave him an angry look: "I'm not an old lady, why am I nagging?

I care about you..." "Why don't you care about yourself first, aren't you also single? "

Ling Sinan couldn't help teasing him.

Xiao Han was speechless, who did the single dog offend?

Why do you say that about him?

"Then how about my cousin... She has big breasts and no brains, and she is quite suitable for you."

Xiao Han gritted his teeth and said.

Ling Sinan raised his eyebrows: "Are you asking me to harm your cousin?"

"The scourge?"

Xiao Han didn't think I thought it was me: "My cousin wants you to harm her. Isn't it because she knows you are here that she came abroad this time?"

"No, for your sake, I will never harm her."