Chapter: 4013

Ling Sinan said seriously.

"I can see that, decent women, you can't look down on them, and if you look up to them, you are not a decent person."

Xiao Han said angrily.

Ling Sinan had a speechless expression: "Who said I fell in love with her?"

"You are sending care and warmth these days. I don't believe you are not moved."

Ling Sinan's expression froze, did he act so obviously?

"Okay, stop chatting, and play by ear when you get back."

Ling Sinan explained in a low voice.

When Xia Xiyao returned to the restaurant, Xiao Lin immediately walked over and asked, "You are going to save Ling Sinan, right?"

"I just went to test his skills, why?

Do I need to tell you everything I do? "

Xia Xiyao spoke coldly, not taking Xiao Lin seriously at all.

"Yaoyao, I'm worried about you. If Ling Sinan guesses your identity, he will arrest you and question you. At that time..." "You don't need to worry, I will act carefully."

After Xia Xiyao finished speaking, she turned to Xia Hualan and said, "Take me home."

Xia Hualan didn't dare to neglect, so she quickly took a taxi and sent Xia Xiyao back to Ling Sinan's residence.

Xia Xiyao continued to explain: "Ling Sinan is injured, please send me over to show your concern."

Xia Hualan immediately held her hand and led her towards the hall where Ling Sinan lived.

At this moment, Ling Sinan had just returned, and his arm had already been bandaged.

"Brother Ling, I baked fresh bread, please pay for it."

Xiao Ranran appeared suddenly, holding the bread she had just made in her hand. When she came in, seeing the two Xia family sisters, she turned her pretty face and snorted softly, "What are you doing here?"

Ling Sinan came out of the bedroom, saw the Xia family sisters, and said, "Miss Xia, are you okay, are you scared?"

Xia Xiyao shook her head immediately, and said in a weak tone: "I'm fine, thank you Mr. Ling for saving me, I will definitely remember your kindness."

"It's all because of me that I scare you. I dare not accept this kindness."

Ling Sinan smiled slightly, pretending that everything was as usual, but there was a touch of doubt in his eyes.

"Brother Ling, you just have to pay, I've been roasting all morning."

Xiao Ranran walked over in a whimpering voice, and raised the plate in his hand.

"Thank you, of course."

Ling Sinan took a bite of the bread, and praised: "It smells good, it's delicious, but don't make it again next time."

"Brother Ling, do you think it's delicious?"

Xiao Ranran's happy eyes are full of stars.