Chapter: 4014

Ling Sinan really couldn't eat it anymore, because it was too sweet, it sticky to the teeth.

"Well, it's okay. You can take the rest to your cousin's room. He must like it."

Ling Sinan decided to leave all this beautiful matter to Xiao Han.

"Well, then I will give him compensation."

Xiao Ranran went happily.

The two sisters of the Xia family were obviously neglected, especially Xia Xiyao, just now she saw Ling Sinan talking to Xiao Ranran softly, her tone and expression...although it wasn't pampering, but...she felt very uncomfortable.

Ling Sinan is so kind and gentle to women, no wonder he has so many suitors.

Hmph, scumbag potential.

"Mr. Ling, I really appreciate you protecting my sister. We don't have anything to give away. Tonight, let me cook you a meal. My cooking skills are pretty good."

Xia Hualan said quickly.

"No need, just leave the work to the servants. If you have nothing else to do, go back and rest."

After Ling Sinan finished speaking, he turned around and went back to his room.

The Xia family sisters returned to their residence.

The two of them didn't have any more communication throughout the whole process, they only talked about some normal things.

However, in the room, Xia Xiyao took a piece of paper and wrote a line.

"Don't you think Ling Sinan is a little weird today?"

Xia Hualan immediately wrote next to it: "What's so strange?

I feel quite normal. "

"He was so cold to me."

"He wasn't very enthusiastic about you before?"

Xia Xiyao's eyes stared at Xia Hualan's face with a knife, Xia Hualan's whole body felt cold and shivered.

"I've decided to seduce him."

Xia Xiyao wrote another sentence.

Xia Hualan was stunned, and then wrote: "How are you going to seduce him?"

"Create opportunities to be alone."

Xia Xiyao is a killer herself, she is very tolerant of skin-to-skin relationships, besides, she doesn't dislike Ling Sinan, and she doesn't dislike his touch.

"Boss, you don't want to sacrifice your innocence, do you, is it worth it?"

Xia Hualan asked worriedly.