Chapter: 2127

Hong Yushin agreed with Pyo-wol’s opinion.

“There are still people in there who haven’t managed to get out. We need to save them as well. I will follow Master Pyo-wol’s decision.”

“There’s no other choice.”

“Darn it!”

In the end, the other two had no choice but to follow Pyo-wol’s opinion.

The four of them re-entered the tunnel.


“Save us!”

As they felt the presence outside, the people trapped inside the iron door cried out.

They also realized that something had happened in the underground cavity.

As they entered the tunnel, Pyo-wol closed the iron door.


With a dull sound, the iron gate slammed shut, and darkness descended.

* * *

Black smoke billowed out of the vertical cave.

“What the hell?”

“What’s going on?”

The martial artists guarding the entrance of the Prison of No Return had puzzled expressions on their faces.

Black smoke suddenly started to flow out without any warning.

They had heard stories about smoke being emitted like this before a volcano erupts. But this was Mount Longhu.

It was not a volcano.

Nevertheless, there was only one reason for black smoke being emitted like this.

Something had happened inside the Prison of No Return.

“Quickly lower the basket! We need to save the people inside!”

“Unravel the rope!”

It was then.

“Cut the rope.”

A voice as cold as ice stopped the guards in their tracks.


The martial artists who were preparing to lower the basket cautiously turned around.