Chapter: 4165

The director looked at their expressions and realized: "You know each other! That's just right, then we will have a better understanding!"

The director was afraid that they would regret it, so he quickly ran away in a car.

Jiang Lanting and Huo Jiao were the only two people left in the huge mountainous stared at me and I stared at you.

[Jiang Lan, did you hear that on purpose? 】

[If you want to get back together, just say it, Huo Jiao! 】

Then, they stared at each other again!

Jiang Lan came to his senses first. He took his mobile phone and made a call: "Cancel the show. I'll have someone send a car to pick us up!"

But the next second he discovered that his mobile phone had no signal!

Huo Jiao also discovered it.

She had a tall figure and carried a small backpack. She ran to the house and took a look... except for basic rice oil, there was nothing else, and there was only one bedroom.

Then she and Jiang Lan want to sleep together?

Jiang Lan followed her and stood behind her... Huo Jiao turned around and put her hands in front of her: "You sleep on the sofa tonight."

Jiang Lan sneered when she heard this: "Miss, where is the sofa here?"

Not to mention the sofa, not even half of the surveillance the director mentioned!

It’s hard not to say, it’s intentional!

He walked into the small bedroom and lay down straight on the small bed, with his hands behind his head: "Just bear with it for half a month! After half a month, you don't have to see me anymore, and you can continue to go on blind dates... By the way, let's go You seem to have met a bald man this time! Why, the market is so bad, have bald men been included in your consideration? "

Huo Jiao put down her small backpack and said in a sweet voice, "A bald man is better than a prodigal!"

She deliberately moved closer to him: "It's better than some people who smell like oil smoke!"

She is connoting Song Qingqing!

When he can't hear it!

Jiang Lan was angry and amused. He lowered his head, but accidentally saw her eyes closed and her red lips slightly parted... He was so fascinated that he touched her gently, and his voice suddenly became hoarse: "Huo Jiao !”

Huo Jiao was startled.

She opened her eyes, and then she said her habitual sarcasm: "Stop your hair | Qing! We have nothing to do with each other anymore!"

Jiang Lan calmed down after hearing this. He didn't get up, but lay down quietly thinking that maybe it had been too long since he had felt relieved, and he couldn't help himself just now.

He shouldn't, he has no self-control!

Seeing that he didn't move, Huo Jiao kicked him: "Get up and cook!"

Jiang Lan heard that he was also a young master and was used to being waited on. He asked, "Why don't you do it?"

Huo Jiao sneered: "There is only a big stove here!"

Jiang Lanting looked at her delicate nails. Besides, no one who grew up in the city knew how to use a large stove... He didn't know how either!

Huo Jiao simply lay down and covered her head with the quilt.

Play dead!