Chapter: 4412

Lu Ye, who was chasing after him, felt an extremely familiar feeling after the opponent took out the second bone knife and assumed such a strange posture.

Similar scenes... he had faced countless times when he was in Xingxiu!

At the same time as the thought turned around, the Zerg bone knife had been chopped down, and at the same time, the body began to rotate accordingly.

Each cut was as fast as a cut, and each cut was as heavy as the cut. In the blink of an eye, the Zerg's body seemed to turn into a top, and the place where it was was turned into a storm of blades, sweeping across the vast void!

No one can ignore such a violent offensive. Anyone in the midst of it will be swept away by this storm of blades. Anyone who cannot stop it will be cut into pieces, and not even a complete body will be left. .

Lu Ye was like a canoe in a strong wind and waves, with the risk of capsizing at any time.

However, as the Panshan knife floated forward and stabbed straight, the violent blade storm suddenly stopped, and the surging mana around him also collapsed.

The Zerg Yue Yao stood stiffly on the spot, still holding her two bone knives in her hands. She lowered her head to look at the Panshan knife that had pierced her heart, then raised her eyes to look at Lu Ye standing in front of him, and her mouth was jumping. Say three words: "Impossible!"

This supreme secret technique passed down from his ancestors can kill the strongest. Since practicing it, he has killed countless powerful enemies with the help of this secret technique, and has even achieved many feats in which the weak defeated the strong.

Facing Lu Ye Yueyue, who was in the middle stage, he used all his strength to use such a method, but he never expected that the invincible secret technique would be cracked so easily.

And he had to pay the price with his life!

It would be understandable if the opponent cracked it before his sword power was activated, but his sword power had already been fully activated. Even those who were stronger than him would not be able to crack it so easily.

Shock, anger, disbelief, and many complex emotions were anxious in their hearts. The Zerg felt the passage of their vitality. They tried their best to raise the bone knife and slashed at Lu Ye for the last time!

However, how could Lu Ye give him this opportunity? When the mana was activated, the Panshan Sword shook, and the Zerg's body was instantly riddled with holes. The sword that was struck became light and weak, and he easily dodged it.

In the place of contention, Zerg Yueyao's corpse lay across the battlefield, and Lu Ye had already gone away.

This opponent's death was actually a bit unjust, because what he used at the last moment was actually the secret technique of the big windmill...

Lu Ye had thought about whether the Zerg tribe would also have the inheritance of this secret technique when he first practiced this secret technique. After all, the man who created this secret technique, Qing Mantis, was born in the Zerg tribe.

But so far, Lu Ye has never encountered him, until today.

When his opponent assumed that posture, he could tell that it was the starting move of the Big Windmill Secret Technique. If it were another Yue Yao who wanted to crack this secret technique, he would have to do it before the opponent's sword was activated. Otherwise there is no chance at all.

But Lu Ye had been killed countless times by Qing Mantang. In terms of practicing this secret technique, he was no worse than his opponents, so he naturally knew all the mysteries of this secret technique.

It becomes very simple to crack it.

Of course, even if he has never practiced this secret technique, he only needs to use the Sweeping Technique, widen the distance, and wait until the opponent's sword power is exhausted, and he can still harvest easily.

The use of this secret technique puts a huge load on oneself, and even if the opponent is in the late Yueyue Yao stage, it will not be able to sustain it for too long.

The twists and turns along the way delayed him for almost twenty breaths. After collecting the opponent's two bone knives and storage ring, he set out on the journey again.

After a while, he frowned, and all the negativity in his mind was swept away at this moment - the blood pupils were opened by the colorful divine lotus!