Chapter: 4413

There has been some progress in observing the blood pupil spirit pattern, but not much. At this rate, Lu Ye estimates that if he wants to fully understand the blood pupil spirit pattern, he will have to experience the magic pupil blinking twenty or thirty times.

This can take a long time.

The magic pupil blinks completely erratically. Even if it comes every other month, twenty or thirty times, it will still take two years!

If the last visit was in March or May, it would have been even longer.

The key is that after the blood pupil was broken, the vague connection was also interrupted!

However, Lu Ye did not stop, but continued to fly forward following the previous induction. In his opinion, although the connection was interrupted, the source must still be in this direction. If he looked there like this, he might be able to find something. .

He wasn't sure whether the source was what he suspected, but this was an opportunity after all.

If it is true as I guessed, then there is one question that remains unexplained - why does this source echo me from a distance?

Could it be because of the three red talismans that are warm and nourishing in his body?

These three red talismans are from the hands of the small human race. If they are connected to the unknown source because of this, it seems to be justified.

Because in Lu Ye's guess, the unknown source is the core of Fangcun Mountain!

But in the end it was still very reluctant.

Because Yueyao, a foreigner who was sent by the small human race in the past, must also have spiritual talismans given by the small human race. There may not be as many as three red talismans, but there is always one.

I haven’t heard any foreigner Yueyao mention similar things.

But if it's not the red symbol... then what could it be?

Lu Ye thought of Su Yuqing again. After he merged with this woman, he was infected with the aura of the small human race. He even refined part of Su Yuqing's cultivation, so he could participate in the black abyss martial arts as a human race.

Fangcun Mountain is the place where the little humans were born. I have the aura of the little humans in my body. Perhaps it is for this reason?

It doesn't seem right. Su Yuqing said that the core of Fangcun Mountain has been hiding from the small humans for some unknown reason. Therefore, in the early days, when the small humans Yueyao came here to search, they found nothing. They had no choice but to look for them. The foreigner Yueyao handled the matter.

As a result, the foreign Yueyao people also gained little, and some even disappeared.

If this kind of distant resonance was simply due to the aura of the small human race, Su Yuqing had no reason not to mention it.

I can't figure it out... I can only find the source and investigate.

Whether this source is the core of Fangcun Mountain, you will know once you find it.

In fact, he still doubts one thing, and that is why the core of Fangcun Mountain is hiding from the Little Human Race. Logically speaking, it is too late to take the initiative to accept it. After all, the relationship between the two is extraordinary, and the entire Little Human Race is from Fang Cun. Born in the mountains.

Many questions remain unanswered.

I swept forward and found nothing.