Chapter: 4414

It wasn't until a few days later that Lu Ye, who was searching along the way, noticed something approaching his area.

The opponent was lifeless, probably not a living creature, and it didn't appear to be very fast.

He used his spiritual mind to investigate, and soon realized that it was a meteorite the size of a water tank. It looked inconspicuous, but it could be seen everywhere in this wonder.

The meteorite must have been driven by some force and was floating in this wonder. This situation was very common. Lu Ye had encountered many such meteorites before, so he didn't pay much attention to it.

Just glanced at it out of habit.

Lu Ye didn't expect that he could see trouble at this glance.

Almost at the same time that he paid attention to the meteorite heading towards him, a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart, and there was an inexplicable feeling of impending disaster lingering in his heart.

Lu Ye immediately stopped and was alert to all directions.

He thought there were strong men ambushing him around! And a strong man who can make him feel such a sense of crisis and even prevent him from detecting traces must be very strong!

Just when his thoughts were turning like this, he suddenly discovered that the meteorites floating towards him increased at an unreasonable speed.

In the blink of an eye, you are dozens of miles in front of yourself!

An inexplicable mysterious force burst out, and ripples appeared in the void, covering all directions in an instant with the meteorite as the center.

Almost at the same time that mysterious power came out, Lu Ye fled backwards.

The next moment, his eyes widened a lot, because with the annihilation of the ripples of the void, everything within a few dozen miles of the meteorite disappeared out of thin air.

It was like being swallowed by the meteorite.

Lu Ye was frightened for a while, but fortunately he reacted quickly enough, otherwise he would have been swallowed up at that moment. Although he didn't know the consequences of being swallowed like this, it was obviously not a good thing.

Seeing that Lu Ye was fine, the meteorite flew straight towards him if it was a few minutes faster.

Lu Ye was shocked, was this... directed at him?

He was not sure, so he immediately escaped and swept away from one side. The inconspicuous meteorite also changed its direction, followed closely behind, and the magical and mysterious power fluctuated from time to time. Wherever it passed, large tracts of void became Vacuum zone.

After a while, Lu Ye finally confirmed one thing. The meteorite was indeed coming towards him, because no matter how he adjusted his direction, the other party was still chasing after him.

It is obviously a meteorite without any life breath and can be seen everywhere, but it actually has such mysterious power.

Lu Ye only had one thought in his mind - found it!

This is obviously the core of Fangcun Mountain!

To be honest, he did not expect that his trip would go so smoothly, because throughout the ages, the small human race has spent too much time, manpower, energy and material resources on this matter, but so far there has not been much progress.

When Lu Ye came here, firstly, Su Yuqing personally mentioned this matter to him, and secondly, he thought that if he could find the core of Fangcun Mountain, Fangcun Mountain could be integrated into Yuluo to become Yuluo's backing.