Chapter: 4415

But he didn't feel that his trip would be successful, and he was already mentally prepared to return empty-handed.

So he never expected that he would actually find the core of Fangcun Mountain!

In other words... it was the core of Fangcun Mountain that found him!

The reason why we judge that this is the core of Fangcun Mountain is naturally because of its weird devouring power!

There must be a world inside the core of Fangcun Mountain. Those things that disappeared seemed to be swallowed up by it, but in fact they should have fallen into the world inside the core.

The source of his previous induction must also be the core.

In fact, this feeling had already occurred a month ago, but Lu Ye was immersed in comprehending the Blood Eye Spirit Pattern and didn't pay much attention to it.

He didn't pay attention, but the core of Fangcun Mountain did, so the core was looking for him a month ago. However, after the connection was broken, the core couldn't accurately find his traces, so it drifted in another direction.

A few days ago, as the magic pupil blinked, that connection appeared again. While he was rushing, the core was also rushing towards him. It could be said that it was running in both directions!

Until now we met at this location.

Lu Ye failed to see the essence of the core at the first time, but the core could detect it, so he took advantage of Lu Ye's surprise and struck suddenly. If Lu Ye hadn't seen the opportunity quickly, he would have been swallowed into the core world.

Sure enough, this core has its own intelligence.

Being intelligent means being able to communicate!

As Lu Ye fled forward, he sent a message with his spiritual mind: "Yuluo Lu Ye, entrusted by Su Yuqing, Zhang Kun and others from the small human race, came here to find the lost core. The three Fangcun Mountains have been divided for a long time, hoping to be unified as soon as possible. Restore the glory of our ancestors!”

After transmitting the message several times, Lu Ye found helplessly that the core pursuer showed no reaction at all and seemed to be fighting him to the death.

Lu Ye couldn't laugh or cry. He never thought that one day he would be hunted by such a thing.

He didn't dare to stop, or even let the core get too close to him, because judging from what he had just seen, once he got too close to the core, he would definitely be swallowed into its inner world.

It's hard to say what the situation will be then. The most ideal situation is, of course, that he can communicate with the core intelligence and bring it out of here safely, but the other party completely ignored his intentions.

Lu Ye couldn't figure out why!

Why does the core react to me? Why are you targeting yourself? Since you have spiritual intelligence, why don’t you want to communicate with yourself?

While thinking, Lu Ye raised his finger and twisted it, a red light bloomed on his fingertips, and continued to transmit: "This is the red talisman given by Rizhao, the little human race, before I left. If you are smart, you should be able to recognize it." come out!"

When he finished speaking, Lu Ye clearly felt that the core chasing him paused.

He was overjoyed, there was something going on!

Almost at the same time that Lu Ye was looking forward to it, the meteorite transformed from the core sped up to catch up.

Lu Ye felt helpless. This core gave him a feeling of being a bit unsalted, and it didn't respond at all to his message.