Chapter: 4417

My mind was clearer than ever before, and I finally clarified many doubts that I couldn't figure out before.

Su Yuqing had told him before that the core of Fang Cun Mountain seemed to be deliberately hiding from the small human race Yueyao, which made him very confused, because logically speaking, if the core of Fang Cun Mountain was really intelligent, it should be close to the small human race, even if If you don't get close, you won't hide on purpose.

Now he understands that this intentional avoidance is the protection of the small human race by the core of Fangcun Mountain, because it does not want the small human race to have any contact with the current self.

The root of everything lies in core changes.

This core... has the aura of a vampire!

And it is the aura of an extremely noble vampire.

Blood Ancestor!

Fang Cun Mountain was divided because the Blood Ancestor was interested in this starry sky treasure, so he led his blood clan to launch an attack on Fang Cun Mountain many years ago. Lu Ye didn't know the final outcome of that battle, but he could only infer from the current situation. , although the Blood Ancestor split Fang Cun Mountain, he did not achieve what he wanted.

As a result, the core of Fangcun Mountain was contaminated by the blood of the Blood Ancestor.

This can be seen from the fact that when the core was chasing him, the core suddenly turned into a blood stone. When the core turned into a blood stone, there was obviously a coercion that was very familiar to Lu Ye.

That is the unique holiness of the vampires! Others can't feel it, but Lu Ye can. After all, he has refined a lot of holy blood and has extremely profound holy nature.

In the past, no matter what kind of vampire he met, even if his cultivation level was higher than his, in terms of holiness, he was not even worthy to carry his shoes.

Take Ma Shangsi as an example. Yueyue Yao's peak holiness is not even a fraction of Lu Ye's. A drop of precious blood can make him a blood servant!

But at that moment, the holiness permeating the blood stone formed in the core was beyond even Lu Ye's reach. If he was really a vampire, with the holiness permeating the blood, he wouldn't even have the strength to move a finger.

His holy nature was obtained by refining countless holy blood through the talent tree. Is there any vampire in the world who can compare with him in terms of holy nature?

Only the source of the blood clan, the dead blood ancestor, can surpass him in this field!

Fangcun Mountain was split, and the core was eroded and contaminated by the blood of the Blood Ancestor. This makes sense, but the spiritual intelligence of the core obviously still exists, so Yue Yao from the small human race will not find anything at all when he comes here.

The core is also afraid that the small human race will take it away. If so, once the three Fangcun Mountains merge, the entire small human race will be implicated.

Lu Ye finally understood why he and the core were in close contact with each other, and why the core was deliberately looking for him.

Because he has the inheritance of the blood clan, his existence can only be sensed by the core contaminated with the holy blood of the blood ancestor.

The core was split by the Blood Ancestor. It should hate the Blood Clan extremely, so it pursued him relentlessly after sensing his existence!

The core clearly regarded him as a vampire. As for Lu Ye's previous transmissions, the core would definitely not believe it due to its preconceived judgment.

After thinking about these things, Lu Ye immediately realized that the plan of the small human race to find the core and reunite the three divided tribes might not be possible.

To do this, he first had to find a way to leave this world, and secondly, he had to solve the problem of the blood of the Blood Ancestor that was eroding Fangcun Mountain.

As for the latter, he might be able to give it a try with the power of his talent tree.