Chapter: 4418

So there was only one question before him - how to leave this world.

This matter should be difficult to handle. Lu Ye guessed that he was not the only monk who had accidentally fallen into the core world throughout the ages, but no one had ever revealed the information here. I am afraid they have been trapped here forever.

He stared steadily at the sky, which was covered with haze. The key was that the thick haze was actually a deep red color, not the inky black color he thought.

He could even feel the not-so-rich blood clan aura from those bright red hazes...

In the perception, there are suddenly several auras approaching quickly, and all of them look like they are not weak.

As expected, there are many trapped monks in the core world!

The noise he made when he fell from the sky was not small, and it must have alerted the nearby monks to come and investigate.

These monks stopped only a dozen miles away from him, and had no intention of getting closer. It was not that they were afraid of him, but that they were restrained by each other.

A series of spiritual thoughts came over to check his situation.

Soon, a majestic voice sounded: "Not dead, still alive. Maybe he fell unconscious."

Another somewhat old voice sounded immediately: "This son... I want it."

The majestic voice immediately sounded again, obviously dissatisfied: "Wang Taisheng, please show some respect. This is obviously the closest to Laozi's cave, why do you want it?"

The old voice said: "Just because I am a human race, he is also a human race!"

The powerful voice sneered: "Human race? There is only one race here, and now you have the nerve to mention that you are a human race? Go out and see which human race will recognize you!"

The old voice was silent for a moment.

The majestic voice spoke again: "According to the rules agreed before, if he lands near my cave, then he is mine!"

"It's okay to follow the rules..." A soft and pleasant voice sounded, it should be a woman, "This place is also very close to our sisters' cave, can it also be considered as ours?"

The majestic voice said angrily: "You already got one last time, do you want more this time? Otherwise, all the ones that fall around here in the future will be given to you!"

The soft voice chuckled: "Brother Dao, if you are willing, we sisters will be grateful."

"I'm afraid you're thinking shit!"

The old voice spoke again: "You two, since he is a human race, please hand him over to me. I will be grateful!"

The powerful voice cursed angrily: "Stop talking about the human race. What you are interested in is the resources they bring in. How can you still be interested in him?"

The three parties were arguing and noisy.

"It's so noisy!"

A slightly dissatisfied voice came from the center of the three parties. The monks who were arguing turned their heads and saw a young figure slowly standing up in the pit and patting the dust on his body.