Chapter: 4419

However, the other party's eyes did not look at them, but kept staring at the sky.

Seeing this scene, several monks knew what Lu Ye was thinking, because when they came here, they had such thoughts immediately.

The owner of the powerful voice crossed his arms, looking like he was watching a good show.

The owner of the old voice frowned slightly, intending to make a point or two, but he also knew that what he said was unfounded, and it would be difficult to have a sense of identity without experiencing some setbacks.

As the monks watched, Lu Ye soared into the sky.

"It's the middle stage of Yueyao!" A strong voice sounded, judging Lu Ye's cultivation level, and at the same time he looked happy. If he is in the middle stage of Yueyao, he should not have too few resources.

In the field of vision, Lu Ye's figure had disappeared into the red haze.

Soon, from the depths of the haze, the sound of ups and downs of mana came.

After a long time, Lu Ye rushed back from the haze.

Without him, behind the thick haze, there was an invisible barrier blocking the way forward. He tried many methods to break through this barrier, but he was unable to shake it at all.

He knew that the situation was similar to what he thought. If he fell into the core world, it would be difficult to get out. That barrier was undoubtedly the barrier that separated the inside and outside of this world. Unless he had the power to break the entire world, he would never be able to break it.

Maybe you can talk to the core spiritual wisdom! Lu Ye thought so in his heart.

Before, he sent messages to the core, but the other party didn't respond at all. Now that he is trapped here, as long as he proves that he is not a vampire, the core should give feedback.

What the core hates is the blood clan, and he is indeed entrusted by the small human clan Rizhao to come here, so he naturally has the advantage of being close.

After making up his mind, Lu Ye looked up.

There were four monks gathered around him, one was tall and round, one had an old face but was still strong, and there were two beautiful women standing side by side.

The big and round guy looked like a human race, but judging from the conversation between these people just now, he probably wasn't a human race. Lu Ye couldn't tell which race it was.

In the starry sky, many races actually look no different from the human race in appearance.

As for the old man, he must be from the human race.

The words of the two women... their breaths were cold, their hair was as white as snow, and even their skin was flawless. Lu Ye had a vague feeling that these two women should be from the Snow Clan!

The Snow Clan is a small tribe in the starry sky. The number of members is not too large, but compared to the Mermaid Clan, the Fairy Clan is much better, and is about the same size as the Five Elements Spirit Clan.

Lu Ye has been in the Wanxiang Sea for such a long time and has basically seen monks of all races. Naturally, the Snow Clan is not unfamiliar.

He should be able to inquire about the core world's information from these monks. This is what he needs to do most now, but listening to their previous conversations, it may not be easy to do this.

While deep in thought, the majestic man holding his arms said, "Boy, no matter where you come from or what your identity is, you have to cut off the past when you get here. Do you understand?"

Lu Ye just looked at him quietly.