Chapter: 4420

The majestic man frowned: "Why are you a little silly? Forget it, I can't explain it to you. You can go back to the cave with me first. I will explain it to you in detail when I have time."

When he finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed Lu Ye.

Lu Ye blinked and made no move, but just when the majestic man was about to catch him, a withered old hand slapped him from the side, and immediately the figure flashed and stopped in front of Lu Ye.

The majestic man frowned: "Wang Taisheng, you are really impatient!"

Wang Taisheng was unmoved: "When the matter was not settled, fellow Taoist people rushed to take action. I'm afraid it would be bad, right?"

"Talk about your grandma!" The majestic man cursed angrily. He was obviously also a bad-tempered man. If he disagreed with her, he would directly attack Mrs. Wang.

Both of them were in the later stage of Yueyao, and when they fought, their magic power buzzed.

Lu Ye took advantage of the situation and drifted back a certain distance, but after a quick look, he knew that neither Wang Taisheng nor the majestic man made any serious moves. They clearly had some energy left, as if they were on guard against something.

Soon Lu Ye knew what they were guarding against.

Because at this moment, the two Snow Clan women actually rushed towards him from the left and the right, as if they wanted to take Wang Taisheng away while he was fighting with the majestic man.

However, their plan failed at all, because as soon as they noticed their movements, Wang Taisheng and the majestic man stopped immediately and each pounced on a Snow Clan woman.

In an instant, four figures were divided into two battlefields, fighting fiercely.

Lu Ye looked on with cold eyes as if nothing was wrong.

What surprised Lu Ye was that these four people were all at the late Yueyao level! However, although the realm is the same, there are some differences in strength.

The old man Wang Taisheng is undoubtedly the strongest, which truly proves the saying that Jiang is old and hot, followed by the majestic men. On the contrary, the strength of the two Snow Clan women is relatively weaker.

With such a divided battlefield, the two women obviously couldn't get along.

"Sister!" The soft voice suddenly called out.

The next moment, a scene that shocked Lu Ye appeared.

As the soft voice sounded, a blood mist suddenly filled the body of the Snow Clan woman, which turned into a sea of ​​blood and spread in all directions.

At the same time, another snow tribe woman with a cold temperament also activated the blood sea technique, and the two seas of blood quickly flowed towards each other, and it seemed that they were going to merge.

Seeing their actions, Wang Taisheng and the majestic man were not to be outdone, and both activated the Blood Sea Technique.

In the blink of an eye, this large area was enveloped in a sea of ​​blood, and even the place where Lu Ye was was not immune to the darkness.

In the sea of ​​​​blood, the competition is still there, but the Snow Clan sisters are obviously more connected. With this combination, the strength is much greater than the simple cooperation between Wang Taisheng and the majestic man.

Therefore, in Lu Ye's perception, the three-party struggle actually maintained a balance...

He was greatly surprised, because he could tell at a glance that what Yao had performed in the past four months was not an ordinary blood secret technique, but a very pure blood secret technique!