Chapter: 4421

These four monks... are vampires?

Something was wrong. Lu Ye heard their conversation just now. Not to mention the other three, Wang Taisheng was obviously from a human race. How could he perform such a secret skill of the blood race?

And if they are really vampires, why haven't you seen any traces of vampires on them before? Or are they all using the art of disguise?

Lu Ye's many questions could not be answered, and the sour woman's voice came from the sea of ​​blood: "You two, we can't solve the problem by continuing to fight like this. If the fight lasts for a long time, there may be extraneous problems, and we can't tell the difference. Come on, my little sister has a suggestion."

"Speak!" the majestic man's voice came out.

"How about letting him choose by himself? He chooses who to go with, and the other two parties are not allowed to interfere with him."

As these words fell, the fighting on Wang Taisheng's side gradually became quieter, but the majestic man was reluctant: "This proposal is not good! This boy looks stupid, and you two beauties are in front of each other. , has its own advantages. Wang Taisheng is of the same race as him and has the same advantages. I have nothing here. Besides, we have agreed on the rules before, so we must follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules, then there is no blame. I will show no mercy!"

Saying this, he punched out fiercely, knocking his opponent away. Then he turned around and rushed towards Lu Ye's direction, shouting viciously: "If you want to survive, kid, throw the storage ring to him." Me, otherwise today will be your death!"

Lu Ye was enjoying the show here. He originally wanted to get more information about the core world, but he never expected that the majestic man would directly target him.

Sensing the other party's ferocious aura and determination not to give up without benefit, Lu Ye sighed slightly.

The blood filled the air, and when it came out of the body, the strong and sticky holy nature swept through him.

The huge sea of ​​blood was turbulent and collapsed instantly.

His vision became clear, and Lu Ye still stood quietly on the spot, holding the knife, his body filled with light energy and blood.

Not far in front of him, the majestic man rushing toward him had a stiff body, sweat on his forehead, and a frightened look on his face.

Behind him, the Snow Clan woman with a cold temperament also froze, her snow-white cheeks getting paler, and even her body couldn't stop trembling.

Wang Taisheng's eyes were horrified, and the owner of the soft voice could open his small mouth so much that he could fit a fist into it.

Several pairs of eyes stared at Lu Ye, all of them filled with disbelief.

This unexpected turn of events was something none of them expected. Several of them regarded Lu Ye as a piece of cake. Who would have expected that this piece of cake would suddenly transform into a being that made them look up to him!

Can't understand!

Especially the terror of the holiness permeating Lu Ye's body was something they had never felt before. Under the suppression of this holiness, they felt that there was no room for resistance in the face of Lu Ye.

Lu Ye looked at the majestic man not far away in front of him: "You want my storage ring?"

The majestic man swallowed his saliva, feeling that the greatest terror he had ever experienced in his life was coming, covering his body and mind. He quickly shook his head into a rattle, and a forced smile appeared on his face: "Fellow Taoist, this is a misunderstanding."

Lu Ye looked at him indifferently for a while, without any intention of pursuing him further, but said, "I'm new here, and I have a lot of things that I don't understand. Who can help me solve my confusion?"

The majestic man did not dare to say anything. Wang Taisheng was still thinking deeply, but the owner of the soft voice immediately spoke: "Brother Taoist, just ask if you want to know. We sisters will tell you everything you know!"

While speaking, he gave his sister a fierce wink.