Chapter: 4422

The cold-tempered woman understood and nodded quickly.

Lu Ye nodded, and then he accepted his holy nature. Ji Yao suddenly felt relieved and they all took a breath. However, Lu Ye's expression was still full of horror and awe.

I really don’t understand how anyone in this world can possess such a holy nature.

After a while, Lu Ye was sitting on a big rock, with a long knife in his hand, and the four-month-old Yao people were standing in a row not far from him, all of them with reserved expressions.

In terms of cultivation, they were all a little higher than Lu Ye, but their experience just now made them understand that it was no more difficult for Lu Ye to kill them than to kill a little chicken. So at this moment, even if Lu Ye was sitting and they were standing, they would not be able to kill them. How dare one complain.

While waiting quietly, Lu Ye asked his first question: "Are you... a vampire?"

The four of them shook their heads together.

Wang Taisheng was the first to speak: "The old and decrepit Wang Taisheng is from the human race!"

The majestic man continued: "Zhou Ran, a demon."

The woman with a soft voice said: "Our sisters are from the Snow tribe, I am Xiangyin, and my sister's name is Xuanyu."

Lu Ye frowned: "Then how can you perform the secret technique of the blood clan?"

Xiangyin knew that Lu Ye wanted to ask this, so he immediately explained: "Brother Taoist, I don't know, but all the monks who live in this world, no matter what race they were before, will gradually have some possessions after staying here for a long time. The characteristics of the Vampire Race, in fact, we don’t know what race we are now.” At this point, she showed a wry smile.

Xiangyin and others all accidentally came into contact with the core of Fangcun Mountain and then wandered into this world. The earliest one among them can be traced back to three hundred years ago. Even Wang Taisheng, who came in last, was a hundred years ago. thing.

But no matter which race they were from before, after entering this place, as time goes by, their bodies will gradually acquire some vampire characteristics and some vampire abilities.

But their appearance still maintains the form of their own race, which is undoubtedly a bit strange.

Xiangyin continued to explain: "We speculate that this place should have some relationship with the nobles. Since Brother Dao is a blood clan, he should know about the blood ancestors."

Lu Ye didn't respond, just said: "Continue talking." However, from the meaning of Xiangyin's words, she obviously regarded herself as a real vampire.

It's not surprising that there is such a misunderstanding. The holy nature he just activated was too strong, so Xiangyin would naturally have such a judgment.

"It is rumored that the origin of the nobles is the blood ancestor. After she died for unknown reasons, her body turned into realms suitable for the survival and growth of the nobles. Each realm is crucial to the nobles. It can be said that they belong to the nobles. Foundation, there are several such realms known to the outside world today. We suspect that this is one of them, but it has never been known. And although we people know it, we can't get out after entering. The news naturally There’s no way to pass it on.”

Her speculation was obviously wrong. This was not the realm where the Blood Ancestor's body was transformed. This was the core of Fangcun Mountain.

"When we came here, the environment of this realm had a great impact on us, so we gradually acquired some noble abilities. To be more precise, we can be regarded as the first generation of vampires!"

"The first generation vampire?" Lu Ye looked confused.

Xiangyin smiled bitterly: "The Blood Ancestor derived a race on her own. Of course, it is impossible for her to give birth to so many tribesmen. A more reliable theory is that the Blood Ancestor once invaded the realms of many races. With her My own methods eroded those races and gave them the ability of nobles. Just like us now, the descendants born of these creatures are the current vampires."

This was the first time Lu Ye had heard of this statement, but after thinking about it carefully, it seemed quite reasonable.

Lu Ye had always believed that the vampire race was born in the realm formed after the death of the blood ancestor. If this was the case, then there would be no vampire race in the era when the blood ancestor lived.