Chapter: 4423

But this is not actually the case, because when the Blood Ancestor attacked Fangcun Mountain, there were many clansmen under his command who obeyed orders. Where did these blood clans come from? Just as Xiangyin said, it cannot be born from the blood ancestor, so what she said may be the truth!

The Blood Ancestor invaded some realms and used methods to erode the bloodlines of the creatures in those realms, turning them into the same existence as Xiangyin and others, the first generation of vampires.

These vampires still maintain the appearance of their own clan, but they have acquired the abilities of the vampires. The heirs they gave birth to are the current vampires.

If this statement is true, then Xiangyin and others, regardless of whether they still maintain the appearance and characteristics of their own clan, can be regarded as members of the vampire clan from a fundamental point of view.

As a result, they will naturally be suppressed by the holy nature.

"Why do you become... the first generation vampire after living here for a long time?" Lu Ye asked again.

The intelligence he speculated was that Fang Cun Mountain's core was contaminated by the holy blood of the Blood Ancestor, so the core echoed him from a distance. When he was chasing him before, it was filled with a holiness that even amazed him.

But this does not explain the changes in Xiangyin and others.

Xiangyin didn't explain at this time. She just looked up at the sky and said, "Brother Dao, please wait a moment and you'll know soon."

Lu Ye followed her gaze and saw that the already gloomy sky was becoming more and more dull. There were even rolling thunders passing through and rumbling in the dark red haze.

looks like it's going to rain.

With another thunderous explosion, a raindrop fell from the sky.

Lu Ye, who was staring at the sky, locked his eyes on the raindrops and his pupils shrank slightly.

The raindrops falling from the sky are not normal raindrops, but something red, like blood!


Heavy rain fell at any time, and the whole world was filled with red rain curtains. Xiangyin bathed in the rain and glanced at Lu Ye with a wry smile: "Brother Taoist should know now why after living here for a long time, he will become Are you the first generation vampire?"

Lu Ye did know.

Because this rain of blood obviously contains something wonderful, similar to the sanctity of holy blood, but it is very thin, as if a drop of the holy blood of the vampires was diluted into this majestic rain and poured into the entire world.

In fact, Lu Ye felt one thing just now when he was watching coldly, that is, when Xiangyin and others activated the blood sea technique, they were all filled with holy nature.

Of course, their level of saintliness is not very strong, so they feel that they have no power to resist when faced with Lu Ye's suppression.

But even so, it is holy nature, something that all vampires dream of, because only vampires who have refined the holy blood can possess sanctity, and such vampires' understanding of their own secrets is unmatched by ordinary vampires. There will also be a broader future and great prospects.

Judging from Lu Ye's experience, the holiness possessed by Xiangyin and others is almost equivalent to refining a drop of holy blood.

This is a great thing. There are so many vampires in the starry sky, but the amount of holy blood is limited. It is extremely difficult for ordinary vampires to obtain holy blood.

Now all four people have holy nature, which is obviously not normal. Lu Ye was a little strange just now, but didn't think much about it, but now he understands.

All the reasons lie in this bloody rain.