Chapter: 4424

There must have been more than one such rain of blood. Bathed in the rain of blood, Xiangyin and others could easily refine the extremely weak holiness and then improve themselves.

Although this kind of refining efficiency is not high, it is undoubtedly much safer than directly refining an entire drop of holy blood!

Lu Ye raised his hand to catch the raindrops and found that there was almost no need to refine it himself. The weak holy nature contained in the raindrops poured into his body like a living thing, strengthening his own holy nature.

Of course, this kind of growth can be ignored for him, but if it stays like this for a long time, there will be a good improvement.

Wang Taisheng's voice sounded at this time: "The rain of blood enveloped the entire realm, and the spiritual plants and even spiritual jade born in the realm were infected. Unless they are not exposed to the blood rain, and the spiritual plants and spiritual jade eradicated in this realm are not used, Practice, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before we become like us."

Lu Ye heard this and said, "Is there anyone in this realm who is different from you?"

After witnessing this bloody rain with his own eyes, he thought that all the monks who fell here were like Xiangyin and others, but from what Wang Taisheng said, it seemed that was not the case.

Wang Taisheng nodded and said: "Yes, those guys from the Red Talisman Society are different from us. They are... luckier!" As he spoke, Wang Taisheng showed a wry smile.

Red Talisman Society... Lu Ye's heart skipped a beat when he heard this name. He heard that this name was intended to convey certain information!

If I am not mistaken, this Red Talisman Society should have been founded by Yueyao, a foreigner sent by the small human race. The reason for such a name is undoubtedly to give some guidance to those who come after. Over the years, Yueyao, a foreigner sent by the small human race, has Even if the number of Yao is not very large, there are always a dozen or so. These pioneers entered this place and created such an organization. If latecomers like Lu Ye arrive and find out about the Red Talisman Society, they will definitely go to find out. , and then join them.

Of course, this is just Lu Ye's speculation, and whether this is the case remains to be verified.

"Lucky?" Lu Ye noticed Wang Taisheng's strange wording and looked at him inquiringly.

Wang Taisheng said: "If monks like us come in from the outside world and can be found by the people of the Red Talisman Society as soon as possible and taken away by them, we can avoid being corroded by the blood rain and be accepted by them, but if we are like us In this way, they will never accept those who are unlucky and have been eroded by the rain of blood or whose sanctity has been contaminated through other means."

"The Hongfu Society hates you like this?" Lu Ye asked.

"It's not that I'm hostile, it's just that their resources are limited and they can't feed too many people. Moreover, they have been competing with the Holy Blood Peak. Even if we sincerely join them, we won't be of much use."

Lu Ye's eyes flashed: "Tell me about this Holy Blood Peak."

When he first arrived, of course he had to focus on inquiring about information. Now, it turns out that his previous speculation was correct. Over the years, many monks have accidentally fallen into this world. However, because this world is blocked by a barrier, they fell here. No one can leave, so naturally there is no way to transmit information to the outside world, resulting in the outside world not knowing that there is a strange realm here.

The Red Talisman Society was most likely founded by Yue Yao, who was related to the small human race. So what is the name of this Holy Blood Peak? Why does the Red Talisman Society want to compete with it?

Xiangyin's soft voice sounded: "Holy Blood Peak is the name of a spiritual peak, and it is also the foundation of one of the two major forces in this realm. If the monks of the Red Talisman Society are not contaminated by the holy nature, then all those who are Those who have been contaminated by the holy nature will have the opportunity to join the Holy Blood Peak, and the Holy Blood Peak is also happy to absorb such monks."

Lu Ye immediately understood that whether they were contaminated by the holy nature was the biggest criterion for hiring people from the two major forces. However, it seemed unreasonable to say that this reason led to the confrontation between the two major forces.

There is a high probability that one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers...

"Are you all from Holy Blood Peak?" Lu Ye asked.

Xiangyin shook his head: "No, if we go to seek refuge, Holy Blood Peak will definitely accept us, but we have never gone there, because once we join Holy Blood Peak, we will have to compete with the Red Talisman Society, which is still very dangerous. .”

"But I can't hold on for long." Zhou Ran, who had been silent until now, suddenly interjected with a bitter look on his face.