Chapter: 3200

"That's why we only insure ourselves instead of using Shenshui to obtain divine power."

Distorted into a terrifying monster? God is the Breaking Bad profession?

Zhang Yuanqing said: "Then how much should I drink?"

Catherine said: "You are the pinnacle of a saint, but your body is weak, and your intake cannot exceed five liters."

Zhang Yuanqing nodded, holding his palm together.

This is unhygienic, do you want to boil it before drinking it, to sterilize it? He hesitated in his heart, but thinking that he was a clone, he immediately gritted his teeth and sucked it into his mouth with a sizzle.

In an instant, he felt like drinking magma, the scorching taste exploded on the tip of his tongue, poured into his throat, and fell into his stomach.

Zhang Yuanqing only felt that his internal organs had been burned into coke, and what was even more deadly was that there was a terrible raving in his ears, like a whisper in sleep, like an unintelligible ancient language.

Like Catherine just now, he covered his ears and screamed heart-piercingly.

But at this moment, the pain in body and soul cannot conceal the shock in his heart.

Demon Seed!

The monster in the bilge of the cruise ship!!

The familiar babbling, even Tong Ruo was very familiar with it. Zhang Yuanqing, who had just experienced the copy of "Thriller Cruise", immediately recognized that it was the pollution of the demon species.

Intense shock filled his emotions, and various thoughts appeared like bubbles.

The pain from body and soul made him unable to maintain rational and calm thinking, covered his ears, and writhed in pain.

Zhang Yuanqing felt that his whole body was cracking, the cells were tearing and reorganizing, the granulation protruded densely, disgusting and terrifying, his forehead was itchy, and it seemed that an eye was about to grow there.

Compared with the Haiyan in 1900, the Morgan is countless times stronger at this time.

Just a tiny amount of bath water almost made him lose control and deform.

Of course, Zhang Yuanqing has not yet taken the Unyielding Will, and has been stored in the inventory.

After a long time, Zhang Yuanqing felt that the pollution in his body gradually melted into the flesh and blood cells, and the pain in his body and soul disappeared immediately.

"Huh", Zhang Yuanqing got up, and just like Catherine just now, let out a breath of comfort.

Catherine stood beside her prettyly, and said with a smile, "Shenshui will lurk in your body for three days. Within three days, if you meet a peak master or a demigod, the gods will come to watch and save your life."


Zhang Yuanqing nodded, pretending to show fear and piety.

Catherine saw his slight expression and was very satisfied, pointing to the dark green light door... "Let's go, the gods don't like being disturbed by others!"

Zhang Yuanqing didn't talk nonsense, and followed Catherine to the light gate. Before stepping into the single door, he stopped and looked back at the blood lake.

Back in the private room, Catherine leaned over to pack the canvas and materials, Zhang Yuanqing hurried upstairs and asked. "What is the material that outlines the runes?"

As he asked, he firmly imprinted the runes on the canvas in his mind.

"Every master has the liquid bestowed by the gods." Catherine replied frankly, like a gentle and glamorous senior leading a newcomer, "When you clear the killing dungeon at the end of the year, you will also get a copy when you are promoted to master."

Catherine put away the canvas and the blood of the gods, and closed the cabinet door.