Chapter: 3201

"Go back and steal the things, open the secret light door and throw a nuclear bomb core inside, and blow up the Freedom Covenant." Zhang Yuanqing thought to himself.

At this time, Catherine was lying on her side on the imperial concubine's couch, her skirt was lifted up, revealing her long white legs, and she looked at Master Tongtian seductively.

"Tomorrow night's decisive battle, life and death are unpredictable, don't you plan to indulge?"

Zhang Yuanqing's tent was erected in an instant, his heart beat faster, his hormones were secreted crazily, and the charm of the master level left him with only the various ways of writing the word "Kun" in his mind.

He snuffed out his lust, let the tent stand high, and said expressionlessly: "Indeed, I should kill a few greedy politicians and indulge myself." After speaking, he started the dream shuttle and disappeared into the private room.

Catherine angrily spilled the cups on the coffee table, her towering chest heaving.

After a while, she hummed, "Sooner or later, you will kneel by my skirt and beg for my favor."

The more men she can't get, the more obsessed she is, especially this kind of cold man who ignores her charm, which can stimulate her desire to conquer the most.

At the junction of Kings County and Manche, in an unoccupied empty room, Master Tongtian appeared in the rising starlight. He looked at the sofa with the dust-proof cloth lifted, where he sat watching a short video and eating fried chicken.

"The place you entered should be a secret realm, a blessed place in ancient legends!" Zhang Yuanqing threw a piece of chicken wing to the avatar, "After you entered the secret realm, I lost contact with you."

The main body and the avatar have the same origin, and Zhang Yuanqing, the master of the Yata Mirror, can descend to the avatar with his consciousness, just like manipulating the ghost servant.

But the moment Zhang Yuanqing entered the light gate, the screen went "black".

Master Tongtian took the chicken wing and bit it in his mouth, raised his hand to pinch his face, and with a "tear" sound, the perfect human skin as thin as a cicada's wing was torn off.

While chewing on the chicken wings, Master Tongtian said, "I have a shocking discovery!" He threw the perfect human skin over.

Zhang Yuanqing reached out to catch it, "What discovery?"

Master Tongtian Qiu glanced at the Coke on the tea table and said, "Take a sip first!"

"Don't drink!" Zhang Yuanqing looked suspicious. "If you fart, let it go, don't hide your thoughts...

"You don't trust me so much? I'm your clone."

"Just because you are my clone, I don't believe it."

Zhang Yuanqing bought clothes and tripods, what kind of virtue would I not know?

"Then you should be more aware that you are a bit naive." The clone shrugged.

Speechless, Zhang Yuanqing picked up the paper cup and took a sip of Le Ke, when he heard the leader of Tongtian say, "The God of the Covenant of Freedom is the monster in the copy of Thriller Cruise."

All the Coke in Zhang Yuanqing's mouth spewed out, he completely ignored the drink that flowed into his chest, and stared at the avatar dumbfounded, "You, what are you talking about?"

"I have entered the kingdom of God in the Covenant of Freedom, and the spirit of the Covenant of Freedom is the clone of the demon species." He said in a low voice, "The kingdom of God in the mouth of Hades, under the lake of blood, is the demon species sleeping!"

Zhang Yuanqing stared wide-eyed and remained motionless with a sluggish expression. After a long time, he rubbed hard to make himself "live", and said softly, "So that's it, that's it, I know the truth about the destruction of the Holy See."

In 1900, a comet fell in Europe, the southern waters of the United Nations of Ireland and polluted the creatures in the ocean. The Irish coalition government sent the Haiyan to salvage the sea.

After the Haiyan sank, the only survivor, Stephen Simpson, fled with the demon seed. Ten years later, he secretly accumulated strength to cultivate the powerful demon seed, and established the Freedom Covenant to instigate a world war.

In the war that swept across Europe, the Holy See was wiped out and became history.

The leader of Tongtian was silent for a few minutes, and said in a low voice: "What do you think the true identity of the demon seed is?"

"You already have the answer in your heart, who is your identity?" Zhang Yuanqing looked back at the clone.