Chapter: 1969

"Did they threaten you, or did they say something to you?" Lin Shangyan asked anxiously, "Is it Zhou Xiao! Is it her? What the hell is she doing?!"

The first thing that comes to mind is Zhou Xiao.

Because apart from her, the only person who is qualified to invite Yuan Che but doesn't know how to do anything is Zhou Xiao.

"No." Shaking his head, Yuan Che looked at Si Yao with a blank look in his eyes, "I saw the second grandfather."

"Mr. Yuan?!" Lin Shangyan was stunned.

Si Yao was also slightly startled. He probably didn't expect that he could meet the old man so smoothly.

They tried their best to kidnap the old man away, but how could they let them meet so easily? Moreover, they still sent an invitation letter to Yuan Che and invited him to go.

"Yes. My second grandfather!" Nodding, Yuan Che said, "I saw him, but it seems I didn't."

The two of them looked at each other and looked at Yuan Che, "What's wrong with you? It feels like your soul has been extracted after you went there? Please tell me clearly!"

Pulling him into the living room, he poured another cup of tea.

Yuan Che was probably thirsty, so he didn't drink the coffee there. When he came back and saw the tea, he didn't care about scalding it. He held it and blew on it, then started drinking. He drank half a cup in one go before he stopped.

"It's nothing. I met the second grandfather, and then he didn't let me speak and asked me to listen to him. I almost didn't say anything and kept listening to him. But I asked him to follow me, but he refused to leave. , saying there is still something to do, that’s it.”

After briefly summarizing, he looked at Si Yao, still with a confused expression on his face.

Si Yao frowned, listened carefully, and then analyzed, "You mean, you asked the old man to leave with you, but he refused."

"Yeah." nodded.

"The old man won't let you speak, and wants you to listen to him." After a pause, Si Yao asked, "Then what did he say?"

Yuan Che frowned and recalled seriously, "Actually, I didn't say anything! Oh, right, the second grandpa told us not to do anything!"

"Don't do anything, how is that possible!" Lin Shangyan shouted, "Isn't he also under someone's control?"

Shaking his head, Yuan Che said, "No, it doesn't look like it. Second Grandpa is very sane and well-organized, so he made it very clear that we don't want to do anything. He said that this matter is beyond our control. We can’t control the scope, so let’s do nothing.”

"But he also said, let's not be anxious. If we can't control it, of course someone can. If we can't do it, of course someone can do it." He repeated it almost verbatim, but he still couldn't understand, "So I I just said that if I went, it would be as if I hadn’t gone.”

"No, it's different!" Si Yao raised a hand and said, "Go on, what else did the old man say?"

"No, just say it takes time, everything takes time." Yuan Che shook his head, "Actually, I didn't say anything important. Maybe I'm afraid that they will monitor me. There are monitors inside, maybe I'm afraid that people will listen to our conversation, so I didn’t dare to say anything.”

"No, the old man has already told you all the information he wants to convey." Si Yao said in a deep voice.

Yuan Che: "???"

Lin Shangyan: "???"