Chapter: 1970

"Did you say it??" The two asked almost in unison, why didn't they hear it.

"The old man said that if we can't control it, there will naturally be someone who can. Who is this person who can?" He asked, looking at the two people.

The two of them looked at me, and I looked at you, and shook their heads together.

What are you doing, a puzzle?

"Also, why can't we control it? We already knew it was the embassy before, so why do we suddenly say that we can't control it and it's beyond our capabilities?" He asked again.

The two of them had a better understanding now, no need to look at each other, and shook their heads together.

"Because the old man knows something very important."

"What's the matter?" After saying that, the two looked at each other, never realizing that they could have such a tacit understanding.

"The old man now knows that the real mastermind behind this is not the embassy or Fred, but the Queen."

"We know." Yuan Che was puzzled. Isn't this already known?

"Maybe the old man doesn't know, but we already know. In his view, since the Queen has manipulated and dominated all this, it must be beyond our control, and we can't compete with such a huge background." Yao said calmly, "But at the same time, the old man is also reminding us that someone can take care of us."


"Minister Qin." After a pause, he added, "Maybe it should be said, it's the country."

"..." Lin Shangyan was silent, "Are you playing...such a big game?"

They have all risen to the national level. Although he has dealt with the political circles, done some business, and had some contacts, he has never reached this level seriously.

"It has to be big." With a solemn expression, Si Yao actually faced such a big situation for the first time.

Frankly speaking, I feel very unsure.

If it weren't for his firm belief that always supported him, and if he didn't have three children to take care of, he would have collapsed emotionally.

Su Yun has been away for such a long time. From a pregnant woman expecting to give birth to now having given birth to her child, she still hasn't come back. He is anxious and misses his wife terribly, but he still has to calm down and continue to think of ways to deal with it.

"Actually, the Qin Department has already made arrangements, but there are some things that we cannot disclose to us." He paused and then said, "The old man said it takes time, and it does take time."

"This time is not only needed by us, in fact, the Queen also needs it!"

"The Queen needs time to complete this experiment!" Yuan Che said, "It's just that she has everything in hand now. Why hasn't she started yet? Is there something she still lacks?"

"According to what Fred did before, he wanted the Queen to be his stepping stone and his first test subject. What if we think about it the other way around?" Si Yao asked, looking up.

"The Queen wants Fred to be her test subject?" Yuan Che just finished speaking, and quickly shook his head, "No, this is impossible! I have been in the laboratory before, and I know a lot about the r10, and the reason for that experiment There has been no testing because the requirements for receptors are too strict.”

It is not that easy to find two suitable and matching physiques.