Chapter: 1971

Just like an organ transplant, the body's conditions must meet the requirements before it can be matched and transplanted. Even so, there will still be various rejection reactions in the body.

Therefore, even if the Queen really has this intention, she still has to find a suitable receptor for Fred.

"You think there isn't one?" Si Yao asked again, instantly confusing him.

Yuan Che: "??"

Lin Shangyan: "???"

"Moreover, this receptor was found by none other than Fred himself." He said with certainty, "If he didn't have his own suitable receptor, how could he regard the Queen as his test subject first? Since he had With this idea, how could we not take this step?”

At this point, both of them understood that co-author Fred had been prepared for it.

It's just that they were all stuck in a puzzle before, so they didn't think of this.

Now, if you dial it a little bit, you will understand it immediately.

"So now that the Queen has taken control of everything, it's the other way around. Instead, the Queen wants to test him first, then make adjustments based on the results, and then implement them on herself?" Lin Shangyan thought about it and quickly understood Get an idea.

Si Yao nodded, "Yes, so because of this, Su Yun is safe for the time being."

"That's okay!" Lin Shangyan breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, "No wonder the old man said he needed time. That's what he meant. We still have time."

"No, we don't have time." Unexpectedly, Si Yao denied it.

The two of them didn't understand what he meant for a moment, why they had time now and then no time again.

He glanced at Lin Shangyan and seemed a little hesitant.

Seeing the look in his eyes, Yuan Che didn't know why. He looked at him and then at Lin Shangyan. What did he mean?

Lin Shangyan frowned and looked at him, feeling uncomfortable. For some reason, he felt vaguely uneasy.

"What... do you mean? Why don't you just say it." Seeing his hesitation, he simply asked himself.

Si Yao pondered for a moment, and finally decided to speak out, "Some news has been revealed through my news network. Do you know who Fred's receptor is?"

"Who is it...?" Lin Shangyan slowed down for a moment, but he had already thought of something. He was not sure and didn't want to believe it and asked, "It's... Nan Nan?!"

If Si Yao could be so worried about something that had to do with him, he would only think of his son.

Although he refused to believe it at all, and even didn't want to guess, all this forced him to think that way.

Si Yao said nothing.

But silence was already an answer.

"Kid?!" Yuan Che said it was hard to believe it.