Chapter: 1972

No matter what, he didn't think about the child, "Isn't there a mistake in the news? How old is the age difference between Fred and Lin Shangyan's son? In terms of body shape and development, they are not the same. The most suitable candidate, right?”

No matter how you think about it, it seems impossible.

"I also hope it's false, but..." The following words were not said, but it was already obvious.

Since Lin Nan was involved, he would not have told Lin Shangyan if the information was not accurate enough.

"So, this is why he has been refusing to let my son go. This is why I have never been able to find the whereabouts of Nan Nan. So... they had no intention of letting my son go from the beginning. They were threatening me for my investment. It’s all fake!”

Lin Shangyan's face was already pale, and his voice seemed calm, but it could be heard that he was trembling slightly.

It's hard for anyone not to tremble at this kind of thing.

Yuan Che doesn't have children himself, but he can also feel this feeling.

How to put it, it doesn't matter how you are tortured, but when you see your second grandfather being implicated because of yourself, and your own grandfather, parents, being tortured by illness, it is more painful than being sick yourself.

Not to mention, this is just a child, a child who doesn't understand anything yet and has just started his life.

"It's so, so heartbreaking!" Yuan Che punched the table hard and cursed angrily.

"So, now Su Yun is safe for the time being and has time, but... Nan Nan has no time, right?" Lin Shangyan tried to calm himself down. He thought that after so much, he could be calm enough. , nothing can shake him, but now, after hearing the news, he still can't calm down.

"Yes!" It's not too cruel, but some things must be faced with facts.

Just like what happened to Su Yun at that time, many times, he was unwilling to admit the potentially cruel consequences, but he had to face it.

Now it's Lin Shangyan's turn, and it's the same.

Si Yao then added, "But if you think about it from another angle, since Lin Nan needs to be used, does that mean that Nan Nan is here?"

Just this sentence almost rekindled his hopes that were about to be extinguished.

Lin Shangyan suddenly raised his head and looked at Si Yao, "What did you say?!"

"Since the experiment is going to be done, and Fred chose him as the receptor, that means Lin Nan must be here. Even if he is not here now, he will be moved here soon! This provides us with a way to save him. Great opportunity.”

This is not to comfort him, but a conclusion drawn after careful consideration.

"You're right!" Lin Shangyan nodded, "Let's go now and save him right away!"

Seeing him getting up and rushing out, Yuan Che quickly grabbed him and said, "You're crazy!"

"Rush over now. You don't know where the child is, and there are so many people in the embassy. Can you rush in? Don't be impulsive!"

Seeing his emotions, you knew that he couldn't control it again.

Lin Shangyan scratched his neck, and the veins on his neck popped out, "I can't control that much anymore! I didn't know before, but now I know that Nannan is inside, how can I not save him! A little later, a little later for them What if the experiment has already begun?”