Chapter: 1973

He shuddered at the thought of this possibility.

If he knew the child was right in front of him but couldn't save him, then he really deserved to die!

"Yuan Che is right, don't be impulsive! The experiment will not start for the time being, and Lin Nan is safe for now, but if you are so impulsive again, or rush over rashly, he may not be safe!" Si Yao said in a deep voice.

"But when the experiment starts, it will be too late!" Lin Shangyan growled through gritted teeth.

He didn't have the capital or time to gamble. Once the experiment started, his heart would hurt like a knife when he thought of that little body lying on the cold operating table and being mechanically used as an experimental subject.

It is really unacceptable that a situation like that happens. The child has experienced so much suffering at such a young age.

He doesn't understand anything at all. He was kidnapped and left behind for so long, and now he has to face everything. It's even...possible that he doesn't even know what he is about to face.

"But if you rush now, can you save your son?" Si Yao asked him.

Lin Shangyan no longer cared about so much, he said with red eyes, "I don't care, even if I die, I will fight!"

"Okay, you go, you go!" Si Yao stopped trying to dissuade him, slapped the table and shouted at Yuan Che, "Let him go and let him go!"

"Si Yao, don't be impulsive." Yuan Che was shocked. The two people were talking hastily and even got into a fight.

He firmly stopped Lin Shangyan and did not dare to let go. He also had to persuade Si Yao. He was exhausted to death.

"I'm not impulsive. Isn't he going to go? Don't stop him, let him go!" Si Yao looked at Lin Shangyan and said, "I have said everything that needs to be said and done. He still wants to go. If so, no one can stop him. Can you stop him now and keep guarding him? "

"Let go and let him go!" He continued in a deep voice, "You have all seen how tight the security in the embassy is on the surface, not to mention the hidden ones, prepared by Fred, and Queen, every one of them is not simple, and every one of them is not a good person. You let go and let him go. Do you think he can enter the embassy gate?"

Pointing to the door with his finger, Si Yao said sharply.

Lin Shangyan: "..."

His struggling body froze for a moment after hearing these words, and slowly stopped struggling.

Seeing that he was no longer struggling, Yuan Che finally let go of his hands, feeling that his arms were extremely sore.

Losing his support, Lin Shangyan softened and slumped on the stool beside him, his eyes blank. "Can I just helplessly watch my son die?"

Si Yao could understand his mood very well and knew that this time was extremely difficult.

"There is a saying that is very feeble, but it is indeed true. You have to wait, you really have to wait!" Frowning, Si Yao said, "My arrangements are almost complete, probably in the next day or two. . Minister Qin should be almost done with it. The key lies in the next two days. "

"A day or two?" Lin Shangyan raised his head and looked at him blankly. His eyes were full of doubts. "It's been such a long time. What can be changed in a day or two?"

He almost gave up any hope.

He has been working hard to convince himself, and he has also been working hard, cooperating with Zhou Xiao, pretending to be hypnotized, mobilizing all available personnel to find out the whereabouts of his son, and so on.

However, now he knows that his son is a test subject who will be sent to the experimental platform and will never come back. So what is he doing so busy these days.